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Kellogg students Xia Wu '13 (left) and Kathleen Craig '14 (right) help Washington School fifth grader Oliver Pacheco, 11, catalog books.

Kellogg students Xia Wu '13 (left) and Kathleen Craig '14 (right) help Washington School fifth grader Oliver Pacheco, 11, catalog books. Photography by C. Jason Brown

2012 Kellogg Cares Day

The Kellogg community demonstrates its ‘passion for giving back’ at service projects in Evanston and across the country

10/17/2012 - Rainy weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of hundreds of volunteers during this year’s Kellogg Cares Day.

More than 200 students, faculty, administration and alumni turned out to give back to the community at 14 sites in and around Evanston.
“The biggest challenge is never about getting enough volunteers,” Kellogg Cares Day co-president Robert Frantz ’13 said. “It’s finding enough sites where we can work on a particular Saturday each year.”

This year’s event expanded beyond the Chicago area to five other cities, thanks to the coordination efforts of Kerri Lin ’11, a former Kellogg Cares Day chair. The Dallas, South Florida, Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles alumni clubs coordinated their own Kellogg Cares Days to coincide with the main event this weekend.

Since 2003, Kellogg Cares Day has connected the school with local community organizations via service projects as simple as gardening, cleaning and painting, as well as more involved programs, such as fun educational sessions for middle and high school students and meal service at the Ronald McDonald House.

“We made a concentrated effort this year to work with organizations in Evanston to increase Kellogg’s impact within the local community,” Frantz said. “The event also allows parts of the Kellogg community that do not normally interact to connect through service. There is a passion for giving back that is widespread throughout Kellogg.”

Students who missed the opportunity to volunteer on Oct. 13 due to rain will still be able to participate through a smaller event to be held on Oct. 20. The leadership team expects 40 to 50 additional volunteers at two outdoor work sites.