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Sponsored by the Women’s Business Association, International Women’s Week is a way to celebrate the achievements of female role models.

International Women’s Week

International Women’s Week: March 2-8

The Kellogg Women’s Business Association celebrates women’s achievements with a week of events

3/1/2011 - A celebration of the economic, political and academic achievements of women in the past, present and future is the focus of the second annual International Women’s Week (IWW) at Kellogg.

A wide range of events, from a leadership workshop to speeches from successful Kellogg alumnae, will highlight the week, which is a prelude to International Women’s Day on March 8, a day that been globally recognized for a century.

Sponsored by the Women’s Business Association (WBA), the week is a way to celebrate the accomplishments of female role models, inspiring others to strive for success, said Sandra Ho ’11, president of the WBA.

“In a business-school setting, celebrating women who have been successful in their chosen paths is even more critical,” Ho said. “While women have made great strides in business and male-dominated industries, many more are still learning how to empower themselves to achieve career success and to break the mental models (whether their own or others) that are holding them back.”

The WBA has partnered with other Kellogg clubs to host events for International Women’s Week, including the Africa Business Club, India Business Club and Chinese Business Club.

Highlights of the week include:

  • A leadership workshop on harnessing one’s strengths to maximize one’s impact as a leader, led by nationally recognized speaker Erin Wolf. 
  • A panel of Kellogg alumnae speaking on strategies for success in the male-dominated work environment. 
  • Alumnae speakers Chris Fields ’06, vice president of scientific affairs at Applied Food Services Inc., on how experiences abroad enhance leadership ability; and Elizabeth Crane ’02, vice president of global patient services at the Cleveland Clinic, on making an impact in healthcare services and her experiences with the ministries of health in the Middle East.

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