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Gloria Guevara '09

Gloria Guevara

Kellogg Executive MBA graduate named Mexico’s Minister of Tourism

Gloria Guevara '09 is appointed to the prestigious role by President Felipe Calderón

3/12/2010 - With H1N1 largely behind them, Mexico residents in the tourism industry are ready for a fresh start — and now they have a Kellogg graduate to lead the way.

Gloria Guevara '09, a graduate of Kellogg’s Miami-based Executive MBA program, was named minister of tourism for Mexico on March 10. She was appointed to the role by Mexican President Felipe Calderón and replaces Rodolfo Elizondo, who had served as tourism minister since 2003. The tourism industry is the third-largest source of revenue in Mexico.

Guevara is well prepared for her new responsibilities: She previously served as vice president and general director of Sabre Travel Network Mexico, where she provided products, technology, content and systems that connect travel agencies to consumers in Mexico. She was twice named among the most influential women in Mexico by CNN Expansión.

“It was an honor to accept the invitation from President Calderón,” said Guevara. “It will give me an opportunity to continue supporting the wonderful [travel] industry and, most importantly, to contribute to my country. Kellogg has helped me to develop some very important skills for this job ahead.”

Guevara is the second graduate from the Miami campus who has been asked to join an international cabinet. Last year, Romulo Roux EMP-67 was named minister of the Panama Canal.