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Announcement Policy

Who can request a posting to The Serial?
Faculty, administration, and the Kellogg student body.

When will my item be posted on The Serial? (Important)

  • Announcements will be posted within one business day from when it was submitted.
  • Announcements will stay in the announcement box for 1 week from the day it was posted.
  • Events should not be submitted more than 30 days before the event.
  • Events will stay in the announcement box until 12pm the day of the event.
Can my event be moved to the top of the announcement boxes list?
NO. Events and announcements are sorted in the order they are receive and WILL NOT be resorted.

Can I re-submit an announcement?
NO. One item per event can be added to the announcement box.

The following types of information are NOT acceptable for posting on the Serial:
Lost-and-found items, regularly scheduled club meetings/events that are specific to that club’s members, regularly scheduled sporting events, recruiting events, for sale items, and non-Kellogg sponsored events.

Banner Advertisements
Banner ads are not accepted for posting on the Serial.

How do I request a posting on The Serial?
Submit an announcement here.