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Transportation, Parking, and Visitors

Parking Transportation

CTA / Public Transport

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) trains and busses to the city and PACE busses suburbs are easily accessible from and near campus. For information on the train and bus schedules, fares and maps, please refer to the CTA Web Page and the PACE web page

Northwestern Shuttles

All employees and students may ride the inter-campus shuttle at no charge by displaying an active WildCard ID to the driver. The complete schedule is available at http://www.northwestern.edu/uservices/transportation/shuttles.  

Schedules for other shuttles, such as the Shop 'N' Ride shuttle and Frost Bite Express may also be found on this site.  Please note that bus schedules vary by quarter.

Rides to the Airport

A variety of transportation resources are available to get to Chicago's airports including shuttles, bus, and train.  For specific information, please refer to the Purple Pages. RideShare is also an option. Students may also use the Kellogg Cab Share application.


SafeRide provides free escorted rides to and from campus and nearby housing.

Student Parking Permits

Registered students who qualify for permits and drive to campus must register their vehicle upon arrival. Parking regulations are enforced. Detailed information is available from the Parking Office at 1819 Hinman Ave. and will soon be online here. Your Wildcard, vehicle registration, driver's license, and a copy of your apartment lease or contract is required. During the fall – spring quarters, additional parking is available at Ryan Field (1501 Central Street) for a minimal charge and includes regular shuttle service to campus. Parking fees will be charged to your University bill via Student Accounts. Vehicles must have a permit displayed to park on campus Monday - Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm. For information on which lots are open to student commuters, please refer to the Parking Office Web Page.

Parking permits may be purchased at the  NU Parking Office at 1841 Sheridan Road

Annual Permits (rates effective 9/1/16)
Annual permits start Oct. 1 and expire Sept. 30 of the following year. 

  • Student (Annual): $543.00
    The rate decreases by $45.25 each month after October. Billed to student account. 
  • Student (Academic Year): $462.00
    Expires the day after commencement. The rate decreases by $51.33 each month after October. Billed to student account. 

Visitor Parking Permits

Speakers and other visitors may park in the north parking garage at 2311 N. Campus Drive.  For a map showing all of the lots where guest parking passes may be used, please refer to the Parking Office site. 

Daily visitor parking permit: $8.25
Other visitors and guests will need a permit if they plan to park on campus Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Parking passes for guests may be purchased at the Parking Office located at 1841 Sheridan Road.  Visitor permits are non-refundable.

Bike Racks

Bicycle racks are located across the circle from the front entrance of the Global Hub.