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Partners at the Hub

Partners and Families at Kellogg

Kellogg is proud to support student partners (Joint Ventures) and children who accompany their student to Evanston. Below are several resources available to partners, including access to technology systems, auditing courses, and career counseling. Do you have questions or don't know where to start? Email Armando Santana for an overview of what Kellogg has to offer.


JV Resources

Accessing Slack and CampusGroups

The kellogg-mba Slack workspace is where all Full-Time and Evening and Weekend students communicate socially and for their courses. It's a great place to connect with clubs and student groups. CampusGroups is the events platform where you can sign up for virtual and in-person events hosted by student groups and administration. JVs of current Full-Time students can sign up for Slack and CampusGroups here. Submissions to this form are added to Slack and CampusGroups on a weekly basis.

JV Club


The JV Club is a school-sponsored club that aims to facilitate a smooth transition to life at Kellogg for JV newcomers and continue to provide mutual support throughout your stay. We hope to make your time at Kellogg an enriching and memorable experience. Activities for JVs include lunches and dinners, social get-togethers, cultural events, career development assistance, and meaningful volunteer opportunities. We maintain a strong integration with the entire Kellogg community and hold joint activities with other clubs from time to time. 

Visit the JV Club website to learn more about the JV club and find contact info.

Transition and Career Services for JVs


The Office of Student Life is able to assist JVs with career and transition counseling. Wendy Metter brings over 25 years of JV advising experience to help JVs with the transition to Kellogg, a change in careers, and/or transition from career to parenting or volunteer work. She can support you with resume reviews, making connections through the Kellogg student, JV, and alumni network, as well as interview preparation or other career needs.

If you are interested in advising, please submit our intake form to give us more information and to set up an appointment.

Additionally, the JV Club has a page of resources for JVs who are searching for a career.

Observing Kellogg Courses


Kellogg is known for and takes pride in its collaborative, inclusive culture. To every extent, we strive for all members of the Kellogg community to have the best experience possible and we welcome JVs to request permission to sit in on a course at no cost - as classroom capacity allows. The instructor has the sole and ultimate authority to grant audit permission.


If you are interested in sitting in on a course, here are some guidelines for securing a spot in the class:

  1. Review the course catalog to see what classes interest you. Observing classes is only available at Kellogg and on the Evanston campus. You may not observe these classes.
  2. Email the instructor to see if they are willing to accommodate a JV. When you contact them, please be sure to identify yourself as a JV and include the name of the student and program. 

If you are granted permission to sit in on a course, your student must complete this form to request a NetID needed for course Canvas site access. The KIS team will then be able to assign you a NetID. 

Resources for International JVs


For International JVs, we know that accompanying a partner to Kellogg is a major life event. If your JV is looking for engagement or career opportunities in and around Evanston, we can help them to find out what's available and support them through transition. In addition to our advising and other free resources at Kellogg, Kellogg and Northwestern offer options for English language classes and practice for international JVs.

Work with Kellogg's Language Coach

Want to work on your English? JVs can schedule a 30-minute consultation with Tami Wysocki, English Language Coach at the Global Hub. Email Tami Wysocki-Niimi to get started.

Hire a Private Tutor or Take a Class
Northwestern University offers a list of resources for English learners in the Evanston area. This page includes private tutors, resources at the Evanston public library, and other helpful websites.
Join a Conversation Group for Partners
You can find opportunities to join English conversation groups (including one that you can bring children to) for international spouses at Northwestern here
Get Social
In addition to all the social events offered by Kellogg and the JV Club, the Office of International Student and Scholar Services offers additional social opportunities for international spouses at Northwestern.


Accessing the Global Hub


Global Hub Access Card:
JVs are eligible for a Global Hub Access card, which allows for access via all Global Hub card readers. You can obtain a card by requesting one in the Student Experience Center (Global Hub 1391).

Finding Childcare and Kellogg Kids


Students can make use of childcare resources available from Northwestern here.

Kellogg Kids is the official Kellogg organization that provides a welcoming environment for partners and families of students. The goal of our club is to create a smooth life transition by providing a support network for the spouses of Kellogg students with children. Find them on CampusGroups and Slack.

Student Health Insurance


JVs and children of students are eligible for coverage under Northwestern's NU-SHIP insurance policy for graduate students. Find more information here.