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Leadership Development at Kellogg

The Office of Student Life partners with Kellogg faculty to provide in depth leadership training. There are several series of workshops and lectures that aim to give all Kellogg students greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses in order to prepare them for section and club leadership, as well as in their careers and lives.


Leadership Development at Kellogg

Kellogg Leadership Journey (KLJ)

Kellogg Leadership Journey is presented in partnership with Kellogg faculty. In this series of interactive workshops, we aim to establish a baseline for understanding the self and others in order to help you develop key leadership abilities. Starting before CIM and continuing through the Capstone in Spring Quarter, KLJ guides students through an in-depth consideration of three key questions:

Who am I as a leader, and what has shaped me?
What are my leadership values?
How will I lead myself and others?

All MBA students are invited to participate in KLJ. Students report that KLJ helps them engage more honestly and genuinely with key issues in leadership today.

Leadership Development System


Directed by Prof. Paul Corona, Kellogg's accelerated leadership development system prepares you for the C-suite and other high-impact roles around the world. It helps you develop the intellectual AND emotional intelligence great leaders use to influence others throughout their careers.

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