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Global Hub Front Desk

Global Hub Resources

Global Hub Resources

Building Access


Public hours for the Global Hub are 7am-8pm Monday – Friday; 7am -5pm Saturday (no front desk attendee on Saturday). The Global Hub is closed to the public on Sunday.

The Global Hub is accessible to Kellogg students, faculty and staff at any time using their WildCard.  The interior doors to spaces such as group study rooms and student lounges may all be accessed using your WildCard. 

Please click the link here to report issues with your WildCARD or Mechanical Key access at the Global Hub.  Alternately, please contact the Kellogg Global Hub Facilities Team directly at facilities-kgh@kellogg.northwestern.edu or by calling 847-491-3300.

Finding Room Numbers inside the Global Hub
Each room has a 4-digit number.  The first digit indicates the floor (L=lower level, 1=first, 2=second, 3=third, 4=fourth, 5=fifth).  The second digit indicates the quadrant (1-4).  The third and fourth digits indicate the room number within the quadrant.  The quadrants start counter-clockwise from the KGH main entrance.

Study & Meeting Spaces


Personal Study Spaces
There are many casual spaces throughout the Global Hub where students can study individually or with a group.  In addition, the Shannon Family Lounge at the end of the first floor southwest wing (room #1140) provides a comfortable spot for quiet study, while the two second floor lounges (room #2440 and room #2150) provide space for both study and conversation. There is outdoor terrace that can be accessed in Room 2150.

Group Study Spaces
Group study rooms are located near classrooms on the lower level, first floor and second floor. These rooms may be reserved via Outlook. After on-campus recruiting is completed many of the CMC interview rooms on the second floor will be available for group study as well.

Group Meeting Spaces
In addition to group study rooms and casual meeting spaces, there is a Student Organization Room (L270) located near KIS and the coffee shop, which may be used for group meeting space. The Student Experience conference room (room #1391) may also be reserved via Outlook.

Social Activities
Small seating groups for coffee chat or private conversations are located throughout the building, and space is also available in the second floor lounges (rooms #2440 and #2150). There is outdoor terrace that can be accessed in Room 2150.

Reserving Study Group Rooms

Students enrolled in a class at the KGH, Wieboldt Hall, McManus or 555 Clark St. in Evanston can reserve a study group room in the location where their classes are held by using student Webmail or an email client (Example: Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal). Follow the applicable steps below to book a study group room.

  1. Rooms that are intended for one person are noted in the Outlook room finder and should be prioritized for calls and interviews. Please only use these rooms for calls and interviews, as there are other places in the building where you can study individually.
  2. Larger study rooms may be reserved by students for group study or meetings with two or more students
  3. All rooms may be reserved for up to three hours per day per group.
  4. Rooms may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
  5. Cancel or amend room reservations in Outlook as soon as you know that you are not going to use the room/if you decide to leave during your reserved time.
  6. A group will lose priority on a room if they are ½ hour late.
  7. Space is limited, please be courteous to your fellow classmates and only book private rooms when necessary.

Using Webmail and Outlook

Outlook allows users to easily manage their room reservation, invite people, reschedule, or cancel their reservation. KIS has developed this guide for booking study group rooms to help you find and reserve rooms using Outlook.

Note: Once your request has been sent, you will receive an email approving or declining your request. If your request is declined, refer to the Reservation Policy for Students above.

Using iCal

  1. Create a meeting invitation, add meeting attendees, and complete all applicable meeting fields. Note: At least two students must be included in an invitation. 
  2. Click inside the Location field.
  3. Enter the building name (Example: KGH, Wieboldt, Ford, McManus) in the search box to narrow the search results, then browse through study group rooms available in that location.
  4. Select the study group room you wish to reserve.
  5. Click Send to reserve the room and email your invitees the reservation details.
Note: Once your request has been sent, you will receive an email approving or declining your request. If your request is declined, refer to the Reservation Policy for Students above.

Reserving Classrooms in the Kellogg Global Hub and Tabling in Gies Plaza

Kellogg faculty, staff, and students can use Northwestern’s RES (Room and Event System) to check room availability and submit a classroom reservation request.

If you have questions regarding room availability, classroom reservation policy, or need access to RES, email the room coordinator at KGHClassrooms@kellogg.northwestern.edu or contact the Student Experience Center at 847-491-4504.

KGH Classrooms
The classrooms are located on the lower level, first floor and second floor:

  • L110 (70-person, tiered)
  • L120 (70-person, tiered)
  • L130 (70-person, tiered)
  • L070 (50-person, flat)
  • 1420 (70-person, flat)
  • 1430 (70-person, flat)
  • 1110 (70-person, tiered)
  • 1120 (70-person, tiered)
  • 1130 (70-person, tiered)
  • 2110 (50-person, flat)
  • 2120 (50-person, flat)
  • 2130 (50-person, flat)
  • 2410 (50-person, flat)
  • 2420 (50-person, flat)
  • 2430 (50-person, flat)

KGH Classroom Reservation Policies
Classes have priority over events.
Rooms are only booked for the current quarter unless the full class schedule and priority school events for the next quarter have been assigned rooms in RES.
Requests submitted in advance will not be confirmed until classroom assignments are complete. Recurring events should be submitted separately.

Allow an extra 15 minutes before and after your event.
All requests must allow at least 15 MINUTES before and after the event for equipment setup, tear down, and people entering and exiting the room. If your requested reservation time starts/ends less than 15 minutes before/after another event in the same room, your request will be denied and you will be asked to change your reservation times.

Rooms are assigned based on capacity, timing, event conflicts and order received.
Classrooms are scheduled at the discretion of the room coordinators on a first-come, first-served basis. You may be assigned an alternate room depending on event size, room capacity, or other considerations.

Wait for email confirmation of your request before announcing the room of your event.
Please allow up to 2 business days to process your request.
Even if a room appears open on the calendar, there may be pending requests for the room.
Do not trade rooms with other groups without first contacting the Room Coordinator.

You must agree to the terms set in the request form.

Tabling in Gies Plaza
Tables in Gies Plaza can be viewed in the Availability tab in RES and are denoted as 1300_1, 1300_2, 1300_3, and 1300_4. When submitting the event form in RES, indicate in either the event form title or description that you wish to table in GIES Plaza. This will let the room coordinator know what your request is for. Tabling in Gies Plaza is only allowed from 12:15-1:15pm on weekdays.

Computer & Print Centers


Computer Lab
Kellogg students have access to a computer lab on the second floor (room #2415) at the top of the Spanish Steps.

KPRINT is Kellogg’s print job release system that enables you to print, scan, copy and fax from multi-function machines located in the Global Hub, Jacobs Center, 555 Clark, McManus, and Wieboldt Hall.  Copier/printers to print, copy, scan, and send are located throughout the lower level (room #L098), first floor (room #1135) and second floor (room #2412).  Color printing and fax capability are located in room #2412.

You will need your WildCard to release your job without manually entering your netid and password. More information on how to use the printer can be found here.

Phone Calls & Faxes


Phone Calls
Personal phone calls may be made in the phone booths located in the second floor study lounges (rooms #2440 and #2150) and by the vending machines on the Lower Level.

Group conference calls for class may be made in the group study rooms. Please reserve the room on-line prior to establishing the time for your call, to ensure that you are able to complete the call. 

Local calls (847,773, 312, 630 or 800 area codes) are free. Just dial 9-1-area code-phone number. To make long distance calls, you will need a phone company calling card. Calling cards may be purchased at CVS, Walgreen's and Sam's Club in Evanston.

Students may send and receive faxes through the Student Experience Center. Their fax number is 1-847-491-7119. You will be notified via email that a fax has arrived for you, and may pick it up in Student Experience Center between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Please remind anyone sending you a fax to include your full name so that we can notify you of its arrival.

Charging Stations


Outlets for charging your computer/tablet/phones are available in the following locations:

  • Desks in the tiered classrooms (L110, L120, L130, 1110, 1120, 1130)Study group rooms
  • Long white tables located on the lower level, first floor, and second floor (check under the table!)
  • Along the windows and in the banquettes in the Marketplace
  • Study lounges
  • Flat classrooms (carefully lift the floor boxes!)

Food & Beverage Options


Food Options
Gordon’s Marketplace provides a robust menu of food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as grab and go items.

Inspiring Grounds, Kellogg’s coffee shop, offers a variety of coffee and tea drinks as well as grab and go food options.

Additionally, snacks and beverages are available through vending machines on the lower level.

Water Fountains
Water bottles may be filled at water fountains located throughout the building.

There is a student pantry on the lower level under the Spanish Stairs (L079).

There are microwaves located in the student pantry on the lower level as well as in the Marketplace.

Health & Wellness


The Global Hub is located right along a lakeside running path.  Additionally, all students will have access to the fitness center on the lower level of the Global Hub. It is open from 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Saturdays and closed Sundays.

Quiet Space for Reflection, Contemplation or Prayer
The Global Hub features a reflection room on the 2nd floor (room #2135) where community members can find quiet space for these purposes.  The reflection room is open for general use and cannot be reserved.

Mother's Room


A mother’s room (room #L065) is located on the lower level of the Global Hub and may be reserved through the Central Scheduling Office

Lockers & Storage

All students may apply for a shared locker in the Global Hub. Once the application has been accepted , your new locker information will be sent to you via an email confirmation. Student Lockers are located throughout the first floor, second floor and lower level of the Global Hub.  If you have any questions or issues regarding your locker, please visit the front desk in the Student Experience Center (suite 1391).

Club Storage
The Student Organization Room (L270) has storage space for student groups. In addition, there is storage for larger shipments in the Lower Level (L150).  Space may be requested through the Office of Student Life.

Restrooms & Changing Room


Restrooms are located on the lower level, first and second floors (L066, L068, 1403, 1405, 2422, 2432).  A gender-neutral bathroom for all is located on the lower level (L067).

Changing Room
The locker rooms in the fitness center can be used as changing rooms.  

Mail & Deliveries


Receiving a Package

Students may have packages sent to their attention at the Global Hub ( Attn: Office of Student Life (student name) 2211 Campus Drive, Suite 1391 Evanston, IL 60208).  Students will receive notification that their package has arrived and it will be held in the Student Experience Center (#1391) for pick-up.  Conferences or special events may also have packages delivered to the Student Experience Center at the address listed above. Please notify the Center of your expected shipment and please make sure that your name and group name is included in the address, so that we can notify you of its arrival. If your shipment is of a large size, it may be temporarily stored elsewhere in the building until the time of your event.

Receiving a Fax
Faxes may be sent to the student’s attention at 847-467-4077. Students will receive notification that their fax has arrived and will be held for pickup at the Student Experience front desk.

Food Deliveries for Events or Meetings
Food for student events may be ordered through the Marketplace via their on-line Catertrax system.  Orders from outside vendors may be made through the Student Experience Center using the Club and Events Resource page off the Serial.  Links to these services are also provided in RES, the room booking system. 

The quickest way to mail someting is to drop it in the US Postal Service mailbox on the corner of Foster and Sheridan. You may also leave stamped items in the Student Experience Center or use the Mailroom on the Lower Level of the Global Hub. Fed Ex and DHL drop boxes may be found here as well.

Kellogg Gear


You can purchase Kellogg gear in the Emporium on the lower level.

Name plates & Nametags

Pre-printed name plates and nametags are provided to each student before the start of classes. The name used is taken from the pre-matriculation survey students complete prior to CIM. The name plates are used for all classes and nametags are used for recruiting events, conferences, and other school-related activities.

If you need to replace your name plate or nametag for whatever reason, please place a replacement order on Campus Groups .  The cost for a replacement name plate is $26 and $13 for a nametag. We cannot accept cash or check. Average wait time for delivery is 10 business days.  If you require a temporary name plate or nametag while you wait for your permanent replacement, please inform the Front Desk Assistant at the time you place your order.

Lost and Found

Lost items may be brought to the welcome desk at the KGH main entrance on the first level. If you are missing an item, please visit or contact them at 847-491-8900.

Maintenance/Facilities Requests

To report a facilities concern, request repairs or seek assistance with adjusting the temperature within the Global Hub please contact Facilities at facilities-kgh@kellogg.northwestern.edu