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Conference Resources

Kellogg Student Conferences

Kellogg student conferences are produced by Kellogg students with the intention to educate, equip and inspire the Kellogg community (students, alumni, academics, and industry leaders) by providing a forum for thought provoking discussions through keynote speeches, interactive panels and networking sessions.

Future Conference Leaders

Conference Leadership Opportunities
Information for students interested in hosting a Kellogg student conference.

Current Conference Leaders

General Conference Policies
Information about the Kellogg conference two-month review process.

Speaker Resources
Tips on obtaining approval for all keynote, panel and moderator solicitations, as well as securing keynote speakers, panelists and moderators.

Sponsorship Resources
Tips on conference fundraising, sponsorship opportunities, and following through with sponsorship benefits.

Finance Resources
Tips on budgeting: budget guidelines, receipt reimbursement procedures, expense types, invoicing, tax exemption, vendor request forms, and follow-through steps.

Marketing Resources
Tips and tools for marketing your conference: name policies, media coverage guidelines, requesting photography / videography, and marketing templates for print / online materials.

Logistics Resources
Tips for ensuring that your conference runs smoothly including the venue, speaker dinner and logistical needs.

Registration Resources
Tips and tools for managing the registration process: your registration plan, opening / monitoring / closing registration, attendee count, creating nametags / nameplates, and conference day agenda.