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Serving Alcohol On-Campus

Your club has two options when planning an on-campus event where alcohol (beer and wine only) will be served:
  • Your club can coordinate alcohol purchase with Global Hub Catering if the event is taking place in the Global Hub or anywhere else on campus.
  • Your club may also coordinate alcohol purchase with Northwestern Catering if the event is on-campus and outside of the Global Hub.

Purchasing Alcohol

The best and easiest option for events in the Global Hub is to order directly through Global Hub Catering (For on-campus events outside of the Global Hub, their equivalent is Northwestern Catering.) When using these two services, you don't need to obtain event pre-approval; you can simply get on with planning your event! Additionally, they'll bill your club's account directly, making the payment process stress-free.

Donated Alcohol

Students are not allowed tosolicit companies for donations of alcohol; however, sometimes a company will offer to donate beer and wine to your event on their own accord. In these situations, you'll follow the steps below. These steps do not apply to the Global Hub as the GH does not allow donations. 

Make sure to keep your Club Coordinator informed throughout the entire process.

Step 1:Select one of the off-campus vendors and make a tentative reservation for a time slot and bartenders.  
Step 2: Connect your contact at the donating company with the manager at your off-campus venue.

Please note that tax credits will not be given for donations that serve as marketing for the donating company.

Questions? Contact your Club Coordinator at groupeventsupport@kellogg.northwestern.edu, (847) 467-1096, or stop by the Student Experience Center (Suite 1391).