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Printing Materials

Club Spending Guidelines
Mailbox stuffing: Each club is permitted one mailbox stuffing per quarter ($100 limit/quarter)
T-shirts: Cannot exceed $15/person or $750 total in a year, whichever is lower
See KSA/SOFO Club Policy page for more details (link here once we create it)

1. Designing your Graphic
Find out what resources we have to tell students how to go about designing a graphic for print, shirts, etc. I bet most vendors charge for it, and students find other students who know design?

2. Using Kellogg Branding and Logos
What info is needed here to tell students how to use the NU/Kellogg Branding

Show examples? What examples do we have of this?

Hiring a Designer
Need executed contract before services are rendered

Logo Usage
Borrow language from Conference Marketing Resources web site

CampusGroups Web Design Services

Choosing a Vendor

Internal NU Approved Vendor:
Quartet Printing
How do students reach out to quartet downstairs and how do they use them and for what purpose? When would jobs be sent to the main external print shop vs being handled inside?

External NU Approved Vendors

Allegra Printing

FastSigns Morton Grove

Underground Printing

Other Licensed NU Printers and Product Manufacturers

Paying a Print Vendor
Students need to submit the estimates in to me so I can give them to Cass.

Ordering Print Materials
Graphic Design Help

Day of Event:
Information about what to expect on the day