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Planning an Outdoor Event On-Campus

Start planning well in advance of your event date, follow the steps below, and you're sure to have a successful event!

Step 1: Request space at Norris Outdoors. Please follow the instructions carefully, and wait to receive approval for the space you requested (approval timeframes are discussed on the submission page).

Step 2
: Obtain a sound permit from the City of Evanston if you will have music at your event. (Remember that all service providers - live bands, DJs, rental companies, etc. - must be hired via contract and paid via University check.)

Step 3
: If you intend to serve alcoholic beverages, please follow the instructions listed here. Fencing will be required to define the event area. For this fencing contact Tim Spahn at Facilities Management .

Step 4
: Contact Tim Spahn at Facilities Management to arrange for outdoor garbage receptacles.

Step 5
: If electricity is needed, contact the Facilities Management electrical shop (s-hayworth@northwestern.edu or j-mcdonagh@northwestern.edu).

Step 6
: Notify Northwestern University police if security is required by calling (847) 491-3456. 

Step 7: Make a rain plan! If inclement weather threatens the day, it's your responsibility to be prepared.

Questions? Contact your Club Coordinator at groupeventsupport@kellogg.northwestern.edu, (847) 467-1096, or stop by the Student Experience Center (Suite 1391).