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Individual Reimbursements for Club Expenses

How can I obtain reimbursement for a club expense?

Can I get reimbursed for sales tax on a reimbursable expenditure?

Sales tax is only reimbursed for “dine-in” expenses at non-contracted venues

  • To obtain a tax exemption form, stop by the Student Experience Center (1391) prior to making a purchase and provide us with the name of the vendor, name of the person who will be purchasing, and date of purchase.
  • Tax exemption forms may be used for organizational purposes only.
  • Out of state taxes will not be reimbursed for the states listed at the bottom of this site

In what situations am I not allowed to request reimbursement?
If you’re paying any kind of service provider or contracted service, your only payment option is to request a University check; students will never be reimbursed if they make personal payments for services. (More on contracted services here.)

How will I receive payment for my reimbursement?

  • NUQuickPay (Electronic Transfer)
    • Individuals whose bank account is registered for QuickPay/Zelle will share their email address (which should be linked to their bank account)
    • Accounts Payable will search for your email address in the QuickPay/Zelle system and issue payment (1 – 2 days)
      1. If AP cannot locate you, a paper check will be mailed
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      1. Individual has a US based bank
      2. Individual has a US mailing address
  • Paper Check
    • Mailed to the individual’s US mailing address

If interested, the check can be held at the AP Office in Evanston for pickup

When will my reimbursement payment be ready?
Reimbursement payments should be ready within 3-4 weeks of the date that electronic receipts are submitted. Club Reimbursements will send an email when the payment is ready. 
How can I check the status of my reimbursement? 
Email clubreimbursements@kellogg.northwestern.edu

How do I get technical help with the online form? 
If you find a problem with the form in your browser, or encounter another technical problems when submitting your request, please email clubreimbursements@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

Can club treasurers request reimbursement for club purchases? 
Yes, club treasurers can submit reimbursements. They need to upload an email from the club president or a similar club officer approving the expense. This process maintains internal club control.

Can I submit an individual reimbursement for branded materials?
You can submit a reimbursement request for branded materials.

  • When creating commercial products such as T-shirts, mugs and bags using the Kellogg School logo and Northwestern University identity, you must:
    • purchase from a Northwestern licensed vendor.
      • Purchases made from unlicensed vendors WILL NOT be paid by Northwestern and are ineligible for reimbursement.
  • For all other products without NU/Kellogg branding/identity:
  • Special note: The Kellogg School logo or word mark may not be printed on red products, because red is a trademarked color associated with the Kellogg's cereal brand.