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Class Gift

Though our time at Kellogg is coming to an end, we're about to continue our incredible journey together…we entered Kellogg representing different places and professions around the globe, and we proudly leave representing one global community of smart, interesting, fun, and collaborative leaders.

The Class Gift is a tradition at Kellogg marking our shift from Kellogg MBA Students to the global community of Kellogg Alumni. The Class Gift is a unique opportunity for our class to come together and establish a lasting legacy, one that reflects our enthusiasm for Kellogg and our desire to make it stronger.

The Class Gift is not just about making a donation, but coming together to show our commitment to giving back to Kellogg for years to come. Now is our opportunity to donate to the Class Gift

Our financial support, no matter how small or large, makes a statement to the outside world how strong our community is, the value of our education and how committed we are to improving the Kellogg brand globally.

Giving to the Class Gift is a community effort but an individual choice. Therefore, each donation to the 2014 Class Gift will be directed to an area of the Kellogg Annual Fund that speaks to the donor.

Scholarships Greatest Need Faculty Research Student Life

Tuition does not cover the full cost of our MBA education. Annual giving provides the school the financial flexibility and scholarship support to bridge the gap. In addition, with the endowment restricted, unrestricted annual gifts are essential. In fact, 60 gifts of $1,014 to the Annual Fund generates $60,840 that can be immediately used to support scholarships.

These funds become available immediately—enabling Kellogg to allocate your donation to the areas of greatest need at the school.

Kellogg faculty members are funded in their research and teaching by support from the Annual Fund. Funding research brings together insights from across academic disciplines and ensures Kellogg’s reputation.

Preparing today’s students to lead in an increasingly complex world requires diverse learning experiences. Curriculum innovation is crucial. The Annual Fund supports that effort, enriching the student experience.

Kellogg Leadership Circle

For a limited time you can join the Kellogg Leadership Circle (KLC), Kellogg's NEW giving society, by committing to give $1,000 between now and our 1st Reunion (or 8/31/2015) using recurring giving. Alumni who have graduated within the last five years – AND current students – can join the KLC at the Catalyst level by making a gift of $1,000 instead of the standard $2,500.

Tier Yearly Quarterly Monthly Distinction
$2014 $1007 $335.67 $125.88 Kellogg Leadership Circle
$1014 $507 $169.67 $63.38 Kellogg Leadership Circle
$514 $257 $85.67 $32.13
$214 $107 $35.67 $13.38

*Based on recurring gifts made by May 31, 2014.
**Your first payment is due the day you make you gift.

Section Competition:

From May 12 – May 31, we will be hosting the section competition. Each section will try to have the highest participation. Whoever wins will receive trolleys to the Millennium Park event on the Monday during Grad Week! Further information about the competition will be provided by your designated section leaders, but we encourage you to donate to help your section attain final bragging rights and a fun trolley downtown! Last year's winners: Jive Turkeys

Note: In the event of a tie, the winning section will be determined based on the average amount donated.

Challenge from Prof. Harry Kraemer '79:

Professor Kraemer will give $5,000 to our Class Gift if we reach 50% participation. If we reach 75% he'll give another $5,000. A total of $10,000!

Donor Challenge from Carlos Guillermo León '94:

Carlos has generously offered to match all recurring gifts through our 1st Reunion (or 8/31/2015) in honor of his 20th Reunion! When making your gift simply select "recurring", choose the frequency of your gift (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), and the end date. View the how to here

2014 Giving Levels 2014 Incentives
$2014 Lunch with a distinguished alumnus, Gary Fencik ’85 AND inclusion in the Kellogg Leadership Circle (includes all incentives below)
$1014 Cocktail reception with some of Kellogg's finest professors AND inclusion in the Kellogg Leadership Circle (includes all incentives below)
$514 Sleek Kellogg zip up (includes all incentives below)
$214 Kellogg Coffee Mug
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the class gift?

The Kellogg Class Gift is a tradition and symbolism of our commitment to this great institution. It celebrates our graduation and serves as our pledge to be an active member of the global community of distinguished Kellogg Alumni.

Does Kellogg really need my financial support?

I already paid for the Full Time MBA Program, why should I give more? While tuition costs are on the rise, Kellogg truly could benefit from your financial support. Tuition only covers about 83% of your education. Other sources of revenue come from endowment income (13%) and philanthropic gifts to the operating budget (4%).

Tuition does not cover the full cost of student educations, and Kellogg relies on philanthropic gifts, such as yours today (and in the future). Annual giving is necessary to compete in the world of top MBA programs. Unlike universities abroad, Kellogg is not completely funded by the government. Giving back will add more value to your degree for future years to come.

How does the Class Gift benefit me? Why should I donate?

Your participation is an investment in the Kellogg brand, a brand from which you will benefit from for the remainder of your life. Class Gift participation rates send a strong message to the outside world about Kellogg's value. It demonstrates that students value their Kellogg experience and think that Kellogg is worthy of continued investment.

The class gift signals to current alumni that the graduating class of 2014 believes in the future of Kellogg. This commitment on the part of our class to the continued success of Kellogg inspires the alumni community to become more active and engaged. Increased alumni activity creates on-campus speaking opportunities, bolsters recruiting efforts, and inspires additional alumni fundraising.

Our time at Kellogg has provided us with tremendous intellectual and personal growth, new lifelong friends, and the tools and motivation to be leaders who make contributions of lasting significance for the world. Just as the Class of 2014 has been supported by the financial gifts of alumni, so will we support future generations at Kellogg.

Plus, of top MBA programs in the US, Kellogg is on the lower end in terms of annual giving. We have passionate students capable of affecting change in the world; donating to the class gift is a great way of reemphasizing this point!

Can I pledge a recurring gift and, if so, will it count towards the total goal?

Yes! On the giving site you can select to set up a recurring gift to Kellogg that will continue to support the initiatives you've indicated.

Simply select "recurring", the frequency of your gift (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), and the end date of your recurring gift.

Ways to Give

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Who should I contact for additional information?

We want to ensure you have a seamless experience committing to the class gift. Specific questions can be communicated to the Class Gift co-chairs or members of the Annual Giving Team.

Class of 2014 Co-Chairs

Nisa Agrawal
Linda Huang
Varun Jain
Daniel Kilduff
Matt Zafirovski

Annual Giving

If you have trouble making a gift on-line contact Hilary Butler or Adam Nordmark.

Hilary Butler (847.467.2510)
Adam Nordmark (847.467.6386)