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If a course has a prerequisite listed, you will not be able to enroll in that course unless you meet one of the following criteria:

  • you have already taken the prerequisite
  • you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite (i.e., you are taking the course in Winter and are bidding for Spring)
  • you have waived the prerequisite

If you meet any of the above criteria, the bidding and registration system will allow to bid or register for the class with no special action on your part.

Requesting Waivers 

Concurrent Enrollment (Temporary Waiver)

If the course description includes the wording "May be taken concurrently," and you are planning to enroll in the prerequisite at the same time as the higher-level class, then you should email kellogg-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu asking to have the prerequisite temporarily waived so that you can bid. Registration staff will confirm that you have bid on the prerequisite before waiving it, and it is your responsibility to drop the higher-level class if you do not receive a spot in the prerequisite once bidding is done.

Waiver for Qualified Backgrounds

If you feel that your background qualifies you for a waiver of the prerequisite requirements for a course, please contact the instructor of the course directly to request that waiver. The instructor must send an email approving the waiver of the prerequisite to kellogg-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu. Upon receipt of that email, Office of Registration staff will apply the waiver to allow you to bid. Forwarded emails will not be accepted – the approval must come straight from the instructor to the Office of Registration.

New Course Offerings

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