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Non-Kellogg Student Registration

Registration Eligibility

All students at Northwestern University who are actively enrolled in a graduate program are eligible to enroll in one credit unit per quarter at the Kellogg School of Management.  The following conditions must be met:

  • The student must be active in another graduate program at Northwestern.
  • The enrollment request must be in a course that is listed on the “open class list” (linked in Step 1 of Registration) and have seats available at time of processing.
  • The student must receive written approval to register by Home school/Department.

Registration Rules

The submission window of non-Kellogg registration requests for Winter 2019 will be from Thursday, December 13 at 9:00 am through Thursday, December 20 at 5:00 pm. We will process class registration requests on a first come, first served basis starting January 2, 2019.  All of the classes open to Non-Kellogg students have a limited number of seats available. Kellogg students will be actively adding and dropping during this registration period, and thus some classes may close before the final registration deadline.  We will be processing all registration requests in the order in which they are received. Students will have the option to list a back- up request in case their first choice selection fills.

If a seat is available at the time of processing, we will register the student in the course and send a confirmation email back to the home school.  We will not be contacting the students directly and ask that home school administrators forward the confirmations to their students.

Kellogg faculty do not have authority to approve non-Kellogg student enrollment outside this process. Students who request professor approval to enroll in a course not on the list will not be accommodated. 

The deadline for submitting your request is Thursday, December 20 at 5:00 PM. No exceptions can be made.

Steps for Registration

  1. Review the list of classes available to Non-Kellogg students. Please keep in mind that class schedules are subject to change, including but not limited to cancellations.

  2. You must receive written approval from your home school prior to registering for Kellogg courses. You will be required to upload the approval form or email correspondence in the Online Registration Form. Registrations that do not contain home school approval will not be processed. A list of Authorized Approvers appears at the bottom of this page.

  3. Complete and submit the Online Registration Form linked below.


Add/drop requests must be handled via email Kellogg Registrar – NOT through CAESAR.

Feinberg School of Medicine

Stephanie Miller s-miller8@northwestern.edu
Sandy Sanguino ssanguino@northwestern.edu

McCormick School of Engineering

Bruce Lindvall b-lindvall@northwestern.edu
Paula Straaton p-straaton@northwestern.edu

Abi Shay (MSIT)


Steve Tilley (MEM)


Ahmad Hadavi (MPM)


Ahmad Hadavi (EMDC)


Kim Kieras (MSAI)


Igor Kourkine (MBP)


Karen Healy-Stover (MPDD)


Jarvis Schultz (MSR)


Sarah Mitchell (MSiA)


Medill School of Journalism

Nate Daigle Nathan.daigle@northwestern.edu
Hope Wallace  h-wallace@northwestern.edu
Dorina Rasmussen da-rasmussen@northwestern.edu

Pritzker School of Law

Becky McAlister becky.mcalister@law.northwestern.edu

School of Professional Studies

Nancy Ferguson (MPPA or MSRC) n-ferguson@northwestern.edu
Caitlin Baker (MPPA or MSRC) caitlin.baker@northwestern.edu

The Graduate School

Kate Veraldi k-veraldi@northwestern.edu
Bianca West bianca.west@northwestern.edu

School of Education and Social Policy

Lois Trautvetter (MSHE) l-trautvetter@northwestern.edu
Joanna Lasso (MSLOC) joanna.lasso@northwestern.edu
Mark Hoffman (MSHE) mark.hoffman@northwestern.edu
Carla Marie Cortes (MSHE) carla.cortes@northwestern.edu
Brad Wadle (MSED) b-wadle@northwestern.edu
 Diane Knoepke (MSLOC)

Bienen School of Music

Patrick Zylka patrick.zylka@northwestern.edu
Donna Wang Su donnasu@northwestern.edu