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Final Exams


When classes are attended in-person, Academic Experience offers self-scheduled final exams to help students design an individualized exam preparation plan and balance all of the end-of-the-quarter Kellogg obligations.  Many exams are offered at multiple times throughout the exam period; students select their preferred exam date and time via an online registration system.

Self-scheduled exams include:

  • Evanston campus Kellogg courses
  • Dates and times all during the exam period noted on the Academic Calendar for "Full Time Exams"

Self-scheduled exams do NOT include

  • Exam administration outside the posted schedule
  • Non-Kellogg course exams (such as MMM DSGN courses or undergraduate courses)
  • Kellogg Chicago campus course exams (check your syllabus for exam details)
  • Presentations
  • Take-home exams

It is your responsibility to confirm the dates for these deliverables, and to make sure they do not conflict with anything you schedule through our final exam registration system. 

To View Available Exam Dates

Check My Classes or the section-specific course description in Course Planning. You will only be able to view Kellogg Evanston course exam dates on these sites.

Most exams administered by Academic Experience are offered multiple times during the final exam period.  NOTE: Some classes are offered in limited time slots at the professor/department request.

Important! By default, all final exam times are scheduled in 3-hr blocks. The start time is fixed and will not change; however, the actual exam end time may vary depending on the course and will be reflected in your registration.

Important Self-Service Final Exam Policies

You will not be able to access the system until registration opens, and once exam registration closes no changes can be made, absent a documented, unforeseeable, exceptional personal circumstance or  medical emergency. Key dates for the upcoming quarter are:

Registration Opens

Registration Closes

Fall 2022

October 12th at 12 pm

November 14th at 12 pm

In addition:

  • Once the system opens, students are awarded preferred exam times on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • You can change your exam times, pending space, as many times as you want during the registration period.
  • After exam registration closes, we will email you instructions on how to view exam room locations.

To Register For/Change Your Final Exam Time(s)   

  1. Log into the Exam Registration System with your Kellogg NetID and password, AFTER registration opens.
  2. Place a check next to the class(es) listed.
  3. Select your preferred date and time from the drop-down menu for each exam listed.
  4. Press Submit.
  5. If you did not register for an exam, you will still see your Evanston classes with "Please select a time slot" in the drop down menu.

To make changes during the exam registration period, repeat Steps 1-4.

To View your Exam Schedule

  1. Log into the Exam Registration System with your Kellogg NetID and password.
  2. If you see a date and time in the drop-down menu, it is confirmed and no further action is necessary:

Important! If you are happy with your exam times, you do not need to hit the “Submit” button.

If you have concerns, log out of the system and repeat Steps 1 & 2 above to view your confirmed exam schedule.  Any issues with links above, cut/paste the Exam Registration System URL directly into your browser:  https://www4.kellogg.northwestern.edu/ASMF/

Questions? Email Academic Experience

Register for your Evanston campus final exams here

Feedback/Questions: Please let us know by emailing