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Experiential Learning Courses and Labs

Experiential Learning – Apply Yourself

Through Experiential Learning courses and projects you will have the opportunity to combine your prior work experience with the knowledge acquired in your Kellogg MBA core and elective courses to explore the ways in which management theory applies to the real-world business environment and nonprofit settings.  You will be supported along the way by faculty, fellow students on your teams and sponsoring organizations to maximize your learning experience.

Kellogg offers a variety of courses to help you apply what you’ve learned.  Courses fall into two broad categories: 

  • Industry-based Courses
  • Skill Development Courses
Course Planning Tool – Sort by Experiential Learning+

To find all of the Experiential Learning courses that are available, you can now use the Course Planning Tool to search for these courses by year, by quarter or by academic department.

  1. From within the Course Planning Tool application, go to “Tag Courses” section
  2. Select “Filter Course List”
  3. Make sure the “Experiential Learning” check box is selected
  4. Filter by the Term, Academic Year, or other criteria available
  5. Click “Go”
Course Applications and Due Dates+

2021 Spring Application Courses

Application Dates


Asset Management Practicum (FINC-456-0)

January 19 - February 8 at 9am 

Online Portal

Venture Lab (FINC-615-0)

Closes January 18 at 11:59pm 

Online Portal

Asset Management Lab (FINC-910) Closes February 11 at 11:59pm Online Portal 
Analytical Consulting Lab (MECN-615-0) February 1 - February 8th  Website 

Private Equity Lab (FINC-639-0)

Closes January 18 at 11:59pm  

Online Portal

Global Lab (INTL-615-0) January 25 - February 1st 11:59pm  Online Portal 
Healthcare Strategy Consulting Lab (STRT-947-0) January 25 - February 12th 11:59pm  Online Portal 
Marketing Consulting Lab (MKTG-650-0) January 29th - February 3rd 11:59pm  Online Portal 
Education Consulting Lab (KPPI-618-0) Opens January 29 Online Portal 
Sustainability Across the Enterprise (KPPI-936-0)    
New Venture Development (KIEI-464-0) Closes February 18

Qualtrics Application

New Venture Launch (KIEI-466-0) Closes March 1st  Qualtrics Application 

NUvention Courses

NUvention Analytics

  Application for Analytics


Experiential Learning courses

1. What are Experiential Learning courses?

Experiential Learning courses give students an opportunity to apply what they have learned in their core and elective courses on real-world projects for sponsoring organizations within the low-risk environment of an academic endeavor.

2. How can I find Experiential Learning courses?

You can find Experiential Learning courses through the Course Planning Tool. See the “Course Planning Tool” section above.

3. What skills will I develop in Experiential Learning courses?

There are many skills you will have the opportunity to develop through an Experiential Learning project, depending on the project/course, including but not limited to:

  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Skills specific to the project you undertake – analytics, financial modeling, marketing (identifying a target market, primary and secondary research, etc.), strategic planning, and more
4. Can I list my Experiential Learning project on my resume?

You should discuss confidentiality with your project sponsor. If it is determined that the project is not confidential, then it can be listed on your resume in the education section.  
Corporate Involvement+

Our corporate partners develop and enhance relationships with Kellogg faculty and students while playing a key role in student educational and career opportunities.  Here are some of the ways that an organization can get involved with Kellogg students and faculty:

  • Submit a project for an Experiential Learning Course or Independent Study
  • Support Student Activities by providing speakers for club events and conferences, working on case development, and offering recruiting opportunities.
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