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Previous Awards

The following is a summary of grants awarded by year and amount:

P.I. Name Date Project Title Amount
Keith Murnighan
May 2008 KTAG Conference on Social Psychology and Organizations $5,000.00
Susan Crotty May 2007 Multicultural Teams Laboratory Study $1,200.00
Nick Pearce July 2007 Summer Research $750.00
Robert Lount October 2005 Trusting the In-group, Distrusting the Out-Group: The impact of Happiness on Trust $2,270.00
Kathy Phillips May 2004 Who’s Listening? The Impact of Status on Expert Behavior and Audio Response in Groups $5,670.00
Cynthia Wang May 2004 Directive versus Transformational Leaderships: Consequences for Group Processes $1,500.00
Geoffrey Leonardelli Dec 2003 Optimal Distinctiveness and Nested Groups $1,850.00
Daniel Diermeier July 2003 Decision Making in Groups with Diverse Preferences: The Proposer-Pivot Model $1,500.00
Robert Lount May 2003 Deciding When to Work Hard… $2,610.00
Tracy Dumas Nov 2002 Identity and Multiple Group Membership $1,200.00
Adam Galinsky August 2002 Power: Effects on Social Inference and Social Interaction $3,080.00
Ashleigh Rosette July 2002 Privilege and Unaware: A Recipe for Discrimination and Prejudice $1,100.00
Cameron Anderson May 2002 Emotional Convergence in Teams and Across Cultures $1,700.00
Cameron Anderson May 2002 The Social Function of Emotions: Cohesion, Communication, and Commitment $1,300.00
Brian Uzzi May 2002 Emergence: The Study of the Formation of Network Structures $2,000.00
Gail Ann Berger Oct 2001 Confirmation Bias in Panel vs. Dyadic Interviews (Study #2 only) $1,832.00
Hoon-Seok Choi Oct 2001 Idea Generation in Groups: Effects of Change in Group Composition $4,452.50
Elizabeth Durkin Oct 2001 Knowledge Sharing in an Interdisciplinary Human Service Team $6,697.00
Gillian Ku Oct 2001 Minority Groups in the U.S. and Singapore: The Effects of Cultural Differences on Majority and Minority Influence $2,550.00
Denise Lewin Loyd May 2001 The Risk of Categorization: Perceptions of the Normative, Category-Based Expectations of Others $1,320.00
Victoria Medvec May 2001 Is Our Absence as Conspicuous as We Think?: Overestimating the Noticeability and Impact of One’s Absence from a Group $8,132.50
Amin Panjwani May 2001 Boundary Objects, Intergroup Dynamics, and Organizational Meaning-Making: Evidence from the Business Model Construct $2,695.00
Shannon Dyer Oct 2000 Jury Focus Group Project $1,750.00
Victoria Medvec May 2000 Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?: Counterfactual Cutoffs and Egocentric Biases $6,400.00
David Messick May 2000 New Thinking about the Psychology of Leadership (conference with KTAG / MORS) $5,000.00
Kathy Phillips May 2000 Implicit Theories of Groups and Their Impacts on Group Communication, Biases, Motivations, and Performance $3,940.00
Lyn Van Swol May 2000 The Effects of Non-Verbal Imitation in Groups $940.00
Judith White May 2000 We Have One, But She’s Not Working Out: Solo Status, Self-Awareness, and Performance $5,120.00
Keith Murnighan Dec 1999 The Dynamics of Repeated Social Dilemmas $3,200.00
Nancy Rothbard Dec 1999 Emotion and Engagement in Multiple Tasks $2,650.00
James Phills Sep 1999 Conflict and Learning in Creative and Artistic Teams $3,700.00
Terri Kurtzberg Jun 1999 Creativity in Negotiating Teams (Hierarchical Linear Modeling) $5,190.00
Deb Gruenfeld Nov 1998 Customer Driven or Avant Garde?: Group Dynamics, Influence, and Performance in the Recording Industry $1,750.00
Charles Naquin Mar 1998 Trust in Heterogeneous Teams: Temps and Tempwork – at Odds or Not? $437.50
Victoria Medvec Feb 1998 Emotional Contagion in Social Interaction $5,950.00
Leigh Thompson Feb 1998 Making the Team (book) $4,200.00
Marc Ventresca Feb 1998 Research visit to Stanford University $895.00


Grand Totals by Year
  Total Number of Grants Awarded Total Amount Awarded
2008 1 $5,000.00
2007 2 $1,950.00
2005 1 $2,270.00
2004 2 $7,170.00
2003 3 $5,960.00
2002 6 $10,380.00
2001 7 $27,679.00
2000 6 $23,150.00
1999 4 $14,740.00
1998 5 $13,232.50
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