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Guns and Roses: Flower Exports and Electoral Violence in Kenya

Christopher Ksoll, Rocco Macchiavello and Ameet Morjaria

Date Written: February, 2021

Region: Kenya

Theme: Crime, Violence, and Conflict

A Call for Structured Ethics Appendices in Social Science Papers

Edward Asiedu, Dean Karlan, Monica Lambon-Quayefio, and Christopher Udry

Date Written: January 2021

Theme: Research Methods

Consumer Protection for Financial Inclusion in Low and Middle Income Countries: Bridging Regulator and Academic Perspectives

Seth Garz, Xavier Giné, Dean Karlan, Rafe Mazer, Caitlin Sanford, and Jonathan Zinman

Date Written: December 2020

Theme: Finance

Credit Building or Credit Crumbling? A Credit Builder Loan’s Effects on Consumer Behavior, Credit Scores and Their Predictive Power

Jeremy Burke, Julian C. Jamison, Dean Karlan, Kata Mihaly and Jonathan Zinman

Date Written: October 2020

Theme: Finance

Does Lasting Behavior Change Require Knowledge Change? Evidence from Savings Interventions for Young Adults

Samantha Horn, Julian JamisonDean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman

Date Written: October 2020

Region: Uganda

Theme: Finance

Obtaining Externally Valid Heterogeneous Treatment Effects

Vincent Armentano

Date Written: August 2020

Region: Ghana

Themes: Agriculture, Research Methods

The Effects of Land Title Registration on Tenure Security, Investment and the Allocation of Productive Resources: Evidence from Ghana

Andrew Agyei-Holmes, Niklas BuehrenMarkus GoldsteinRobert OseiIsaac Osei-Akoto and Christopher Udry

Date Written: September 2020

Region: Ghana

Theme: Agriculture

Competition and Relational Contracts in the Rwanda Coffee Chain

Rocco Macchiavello and Ameet Morjaria

Date Written: July 2020

Region: Rwanda

Theme: Agriculture

How Can Bill and Melinda Gates Increase Other People's Donations to Fund Public Goods?

Dean Karlan and John A. List

Date Written: August 2020

Region: United States

Theme: Finance

Social Protection Amidst Social Upheaval: Examining the Impact of a Multi-Faceted Program for Ultra-Poor Households in Yemen

Lasse Brune, Dean Karlan, Sikandra Kurdi, and Christopher Udry

Date Written: July 2020

Theme: Crime, Violence, and Conflict

Peers and Motivation at Work: Evidence from a Firm Experiment in Malawi

Lasse Brune, Eric Chyn, and Jason Kerwin

Date Written: March 2018

Theme: Labor Markets

Does Poverty Change Labor Supply? Evidence from Multiple Income Effects and 115,579 Bags

Abhijit Banerjee, Dean Karlan, Hannah Trachtman, and Christopher Udry

Date Written: May 13, 2020

Theme: Labor Markets

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