We are an academic hub for empirical development economics.

We established the Global Poverty Research Lab in July 2017 at Northwestern University. Our lab aims to use empirical evidence and interdisciplinary engagement to understand drivers, consequences and solutions to poverty issues around the world.


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Our Approach

Here at the Global Poverty Research Lab, we employ a three-prong approach: Focused clusters (geographic or sectoral), research support and policy engagement.

Focused Clusters

Research clusters can can be geographic or sectoral-focused. Not all clusters are identical, but the role is generally the same—they begin with the collection of long-term panel data and involve experiments to measure the impact of interventions.

Research Support

Our group provides research support to Northwestern faculty and student researchers investigating the issues related to global poverty.

Policy Engagement

Through policy engagement, our group helps translate research findings into interventions and policies. We provide policy engagement support through communications, forming engagement strategies and event planning.