Global Poverty Research Lab

Addressing the challenges of overcoming poverty and improving well-being in the developing world

Our goal is accomplished by supporting graduate student and faculty research, providing undergraduate research opportunities, coordinating a seminar series and assisting with data management.

Research Clusters

A cluster-focused research approach addresses issues of poverty and growth in developing countries. Clusters are organized both geographically and around sectors.

Our People

We are led by co-directors Dean Karlan and Chris Udry, who bring their economic expertise to the group.

The research affiliates at the Lab have a variety of research interests, and our staff specialize in research and business operations. Find out more about the people who make up the Global Poverty Research Lab.

2022 BREAD Conference

Research for Policy Action

The goal of the lab is to create an environment in which scholarship on development economics can flourish at Northwestern and be translated into effective policy action that will reduce poverty around the world.

Chris Udry, Co-Director, Global Poverty Research Lab

Our Research

Supporting poverty research around the world by actively building research infrastructure and engaging in advocacy, communications, technical assistance and policy outreach.

We're Hiring

GPRL is currently hiring for the following positions:
Research and Evaluation Officer

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For general inquiries, please contact Elise Mitchell