The GMP enables broad academic publication of  research, analysis, and theoretical exploration undertaken by the School’s faculty scholars. This visibility importantly contributes to Kellogg’s mission as a leading research, teaching, and collaborative institution at the graduate business level.

The Center also supports Kellogg's knowledge-dissemination goals.

Through MBA curriculum and student learning enrichment programs
Through faculty visibility and networking support, and
By enhancing knowledge-sharing with corporate practitioners.



What  does the GMP do for Students at Kellogg?

The Student Learning Enrichment Initiative
The GMP offers a single point of contact for thought leadership and administrative guidance to student marketing conferences and other specialized marketing-related events.

The Center also responds to a growing interest by students (as well as corporate practitioners) in creating clinical experiential learning opportunities alongside companies in the field. The GMP facilitates the identification, screening, matching, and coordination of students with exceptional interests and developing skill sets to the most relevant outside corporate sponsors.

What  does the GMP do for Practitioners at Affiliated sponsoring organizations?

The Practitioner Knowledge Application Initiative
The GMP obtains corporate sponsorship, separate from general academic research grants, for a range of practitioner-focused learning and knowledge dissemination activity. This includes data set sharing, executive roundtables, research summits, and best-in-class practitioner colloquiums.

What  does the GMP do for Affiliated Kellogg and other business school Faculty?

The Faculty Knowledge Network Initiative
The GMP creates and sustains programs aimed at providing Kellogg’s Marketing faculty with both academic visibility and networking opportunities, through exclusive academic conferences and inter-university academic seminars. A major goal of the Center is to identify and disseminate significant research, both in its formative stages to other professionals and in condensed form to business and wider audiences around the world.

Faculty Research Pipeline Support
The GMP creates the visibility and magnetism to attract significant funding support from outside benefactors. Additionally, the Center’s leadership team also actively seeks out and obtains significant corporate grants to help expand research activities in marketing at Kellogg and partnering institutions. These unique Kellogg-grant sponsor partnerships allow GMP faculty and participating PhD students to intensify their work of developing, testing, and publishing new academic knowledge in the field of marketing.

Research Data and Field Trial Support
The GMP is putting in place programs and resources that will make it the leading go-to destination for data and information exchange among academic marketing scholars and forward-looking global practitioners.  Companies that Affiliate with the GMP provide relevant Affiliate researchers with access to proprietary data sets, open up venues for enhanced clinical field experiments, share valuable industry experience and expertise, and dialogue with others in the Network on priority marketing challenges.


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