Margot Machol Bisnow

The second edition of Margot’s book, “Raising an Entrepreneur: How to Help Your Children Achieve Their Dreams,” was published to critical acclaim. Margot ’70, ’76 MBA now speaks and writes about raising entrepreneurial kids. Previously, she worked in international development, serving stints as an FTC commissioner and chief of staff of the Council of Economic Advisers, and setting up think tanks in Eastern Europe. She and her husband, Mark Bisnow, have two sons. Elliott is the founder of Summit Series, which hosts conferences and events for young entrepreneurs, artists and activists, and Austin started the popular indie band Magic Giant.




Daniel Belet

Daniel is celebrating the recent publication of his French-language book “Smarter Leadership.” Daniel is now semi-retired from his professorship in people management and leadership at the Excelia Business School and is active as president of Action Learning Partners, a new training and consulting company promoting the World Institute for Action Learning in France. He is also involved in executive education.




Lachlan Hughson

Lachlan is the author of “Walkabout to Wisdom: Awakening to Nature’s Teaching in the Australian Outback.” His award-winning book draws on a two-year walkabout through the Australian Outback to reflect on the importance of nature’s teaching and the value of its wisdom, and why a stronger connection with nature may ultimately be critical to our success as a species.




Peter Mukerjea

Peter’s first book, “Star Struck: Confessions of a TV Executive‚” was published in February 2021, and he’s currently working on his next book. Although it was published at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Star Struck” has sold thousands of copies and is currently being prepped for a TV show. Peter sends greetings to classmates and offers to send a copy of the book to anyone interested.




Jen Collins Moore


Jen is delighted to announce the launch of the second book in her Roman Holiday Mystery series, “Murder in Trastevere.” It’s not what she expected to be doing nearly 20 years after earning her MBA, she says, but her Chicago-based business Meez Meals continue to thrive, and she’s having fun with this new project. Check it out at




Loretta Ardaugh

Loretta, writing as Erma Clare, is celebrating the publication of “A Fed Spirit.” Narrated by a ghost, the novel aims to introduce an insider’s view of the Federal Reserve.



EMBA Cohort 31

Dave Lumley

Dave’s new book, “It’s Impossible to Commit to Maybe: A Bold Guide for Business Managers,” has achieved bestseller status on both the Wall Street Journal and USA Today lists. Featured in this space in the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Kellogg magazine, the book consists of 73 individual short chapters on business learnings, behind-the-scenes input, mentoring, and approaching challenging business and career issues.



Faculty, 2024-E&W

Thomas Kuczmarski and Jacob Sherman

Thomas Kuczmarski and Jacob Sherman Thomas, an adjunct lecturer of Executive Education, and Jacob, an Evening & Weekend MBA student, are celebrating the publication of their co-authored book, “Risk-Free Innovation: 10 Ways to Manage Uncertainty.” It provides a framework for leaders and companies to dismantle the fear of risk and failure by adopting the proper strategy, processes and cultures that ensure innovation success. Throughout the text, readers will also find augmented reality experiences and links to supplemental content.