Manolete V. Gonzalez

Manolete worked in for finance companies in the Philippines after graduation. After becoming the general manager of a finance company partly owned by a United States bank, he went to the University of Southern California to get a doctorate in strategic management and long-term forecasting. He ended up as a professor at Oregon State University, teaching strategic management and international business, until he retired in 2019.


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Pin Tai

Pin retired from Cathay Bank at the end of September 2020 after 21 years of serving the bank. He is currently the CEO of Cathay Bank and Cathay General Bancorp, a $19 billion publicly traded bank based in Los Angeles. Cathay was ranked within the top 20 Best Banks in America consecutively in the last five years by Forbes Magazine.


Gwen Cohen

Gwen was just returning from a four-week trip to Asia in March as the coronavirus hit the United States. While China was already reporting cases and the traveling group was offered the option of postponing the trip, Gwen is happy their group decided to go in February. Although she was quarantined for two weeks on the return, the trip was "all I'd expected it to be: adventure, relaxation, culture exploration and palate delight." A South Africa trip for November was cancelled in January — just in time: gut instinct!


Frederick (Fred) Hyatt

Fred completed a PhD in instructional psychology and technology at Brigham Young University. His dissertation focused on developing spirituality and character in online education. He also retired from BYU’s IT department as a product manager to start his own business and pursue his next career developing online courses and other instructional resources. Since graduating from Northwestern, he held a variety of positions in the microelectronics and semiconductor equipment industries in both product and project management.


Steven Kaplan

Steve works at Nutanix where he heads a global team of business analysts. He has been working remotely since 2005 and for the past eight years has worked from his home in beautiful Lake Tahoe where his wife manages their high-end vacation rental, Tahoe Blue Estate.


Craig Kensek

Craig Kensek Currently in Silicon Valley, Craig is working as part-time CMO of www.It-Harvest.com. Additionally, he was elected to the board of directors at Umunhum Brewing, a San Francisco Bay Area microbrewery. Craig fondly remembers coordinating a beer tasting field trip to Milwaukee and is in talks to contribute to a top-secret book project.


Cindy Moeller

Cindy is enjoying her involvement with Yinghua Academy, the Mandarin immersion charter school she founded in Minnesota in 2006.


Steven James

Steve is CEO of PIONYR Immunotherapeutics, a cancer biotech company in the San Francisco Bay area. PIONYR plans human trials of two monoclonal antibodies this year. GILEAD Sciences recently paid $275 million for a stake in PIONYR and up to $1.4 billion if they complete the acquisition. Steve was previously CEO of Labrys Biologics (acquired by Teva) and KAI Pharma (acquired by Amgen). Steve's son and daughter recently graduated from St. Mary's College of California and Washington University in St. Louis. Steve and Maria celebrated 27 years of marriage in July.


Kevin McDonald 

Kevin’s M&A practice (McDonald Lehner) is expanding to the United States, after working for 24 years exclusively outside of the United States. The firm closed its first United States transaction in February. Kevin says, "We're diversifying geographically, and we're enjoying the much lighter travel requirements."


Cesar Purisima

Cesar, a former Finance Minister of the Philippines, was recently featured in a podcast with Mike Milken: https://milkeninstitute.org/podcast/ep-86-compassion-cesar-purisima. He recently cofounded Ikhlas Capital, a pan-Asian growth equity fund registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. He also sits on boards in several publicly listed companies including AIA Group and Ayala Land. He is a member of the Global Advisory Board of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation of Japan. He is married to Corrie, and they have two kids: Gabriel and Elise. Come visit us in the Philippines after the pandemic.


Alisa Levy

Alisa celebrated the 10th anniversary of her second-career business. After returning to art school to obtain a second bachelor of arts degree in interior design, she began A. Klein Interior Design to help clients in the Chicago area and beyond transform the look and function of their homes. "This business lets me use the management skills I learned at Kellogg while exercising my creativity. It's the perfect combination for me, and the first ten years are just the beginning," she says.


James Margolis

Jimmy was recently recognized by Kellogg as a Youn Social Impact Scholar, awarded annually to a select cohort of alumni that are driving meaningful social impact through their professional work. Congrats to Jimmy!


Mark Mosch

In Q4 2019, Mark finished raising his fifth private equity real estate fund — AndMark Investment Fund V — raising $92,000,000 of equity capital to deploy into workforce multi-family housing.


Katie Glockner Seymour

Katie and Thad Seymour Jr. ’87 just completed a two-and-a-half-month cross-country camping/hiking/biking trip this summer. They traveled 12,000 miles through 26 states and social distanced all the way. Thad retired as interim president of the University of Central Florida and Katie retired as UCF Ambassador. They report being transformed by their experience with this public research institution of nearly 70,000, nearly a quarter of whom are first generation and nearly half of whom are minorities.


Cheryl Dancey Balough

Cheryl completed a three-year term as chair of the American Bar Association Cyberspace Law Committee. Her Chicago-based practice serves as outside legal counsel to small and mid-size businesses, enhancing the value of their products and services through effective contracts, trademarks, copyrights and licensing and helping them address the challenges posed by the coronavirus. She and her husband are enjoying time with their daughter, who is a college junior taking classes remotely during the pandemic.


Oscar Jasaui

Oscar is grateful that all his family and collaborators have made it through the pandemic. Fortunately, his business has not been severely affected, avoiding layoffs and working mostly from home. Travel used to be two to three weeks a month, but now, it has been more than three months of plane-free life. He is missing the 35th year Reunion and hopes all of you are doing well too. See you soon.


Thomas Kamp

Tom was named chairperson of Finley's Barkery in April as part of a successful equity round of investment. Finley's is the feel-good, do-good dog treat company that is working to reduce the nearly 80% unemployment rate for people with disabilities. If you have a dog, check out the Finley's Barkery products and its mission on Chewy.com, Amazon and a growing list of retailers. Tom continues as a director of The Taiwan Fund, executive board member of SMU's Lyle School of Engineering and chairperson of Elim Christian Services' foundation board.


Spyro Kapsalis

Spyro and Stella Kapsalis continue to live in the Chicago area with their three children. Their oldest just started her freshman year at Harvard.


Greg Schiffman

Greg served as CFO for Vineti helping them raise their Series A round. He then served two years as a retired board member. Recently AbSci, a pioneer in the synthetic biology space, convinced him to come out of retirement and serve as their CFO.


Beth VanStory

Beth and a group of ’88 grads gathered in San Francisco to celebrate the life of Paul Dolak ’88.


Dee Robinson

Dee’s company, Robinson Hill, celebrated 25 years in business this year. She was appointed to an additional board, Accel Entertainment, and launched two initiatives to raise funds for furloughed employees and bring attention and funds to Feeding America. She is currently involved in several writing projects and is actively championing diversity and inclusion through ongoing initiatives.


Steve Carnes

Steve has been semi-retired since 2008 and moved to the Netherlands in 2013. He is consulting on various M&A/LBO projects in the United States and Europe while juggling four startups. Steve is currently working as a consulting PM at Janssen Biologics to increase capacity at JnJ site with commercial volume COVID-19 vaccine ability (1 billion doses by the end of 2021). He is also teaching strategy part-time to European MBAs, learning to fly a gyrocopter and is involved in SCUBA, sailing and international travel (45 countries and counting). Connecting with the Benelux Kellogg club and enjoying life!


Steve Frazier

Steve retired after more than 20 years at Amazon. After roles in the United Kingdom, United States and China, during his last five years he was working on international expansion programs in Europe, Japan and Brazil, based out of Seattle. Steve is doing some advising and nonprofit board work.


Michel Philippart

Since September, Michel has been leading the largest master’s program at EDHEC Business School, the MSc in Strategy, Consulting and Digital Transformation. The program has been ranked 16th worldwide by Financial Times. His experience in consulting at McKinsey and Booz Allen, combined with a research experience from his DBA, gives the students a perspective rarely found in business schools.


Jean-Philippe Maheu

JP celebrated his seventh year at Twitter where he now runs the United States advertising business. JP shared that Twitter is an incredibly interesting company given the influence the platform has on culture and societal movements. JP's son Julian graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Sciences and is now looking for work while also finishing his diver master certification. JP's daughter Anna is a rising senior at Bates College majoring in religious studies.


Jill Pollock

For Jill, one of the silver linings of quarantine has been weekly Zoom yoga classes with Michelle Sherman Kalish who teaches out of her home studio in Connecticut. It's been great to spend an hour with Michelle every Monday morning as we face yet another weird and surreal COVID-19 week. John and Jill have also gotten to see the smiling faces of many classmates during Zoom cocktail hours and even shared a real cocktail with Bob and Sally Nicholas Prendergast ’89 on their deck in Massachusetts last month.



John Fiacco

This summer, John completed the third sale of a company he led. Milliman MedInsight’s acquisition of Torch Insight came after two and a half years of rapid revenue growth and margin improvement. Before this, he co-founded and led companies purchased by WebMD (see Kellogg World, Spring 2007) and Connecture. He credits Kellogg’s extensive managerial and teamwork training as part of why these companies have been so successful. When asked, “What’s next?” he says he’s ready to do it again.


Hobie Murnane

Chicago presented its inaugural Childhood Cancer Impact Lemon Award to Hobie Murnane, a Wealth Management Advisor in the Deerfield, Illinois office. The award recognizes leadership in philanthropic work to support the financial planning firm's childhood cancer program.


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Lisa Greene

After a 13-year sabbatical, Lisa returned to the paid workforce in April, right as the coronavirus was hitting with full force. She is vice president of sales and marketing at Duncaster, a boutique, nonprofit, life plan senior living community in Connecticut. The position allows her to combine her marketing background with her nonprofit volunteer experience and comes with the added bonus that her parents live in the community. She is excited for this new chapter in her career.


Neil Kaplan

Celebrating its fourth anniversary, Neil founded PolandPassport.com in 2016. PolandPassport.com is a global consulting services firm for individuals wishing to prove their Polish heritage with the hope of securing Polish citizenship and the associated benefits of an EU passport. He served as head of delegation for Poland in the European Maccabi games in Budapest. He captained the cycling team. His son Harry won three medals in fencing.


Christine Marie Mason

Christine is CEO and president of Rosebud Woman, the leader in luxury intimate self-care, based out of Venice, California. The company provides award-winning skincare, supplements and content to support more freedom and joy in a female body throughout all stages of life. Rosebud Woman is carbon neutral, vegan and committed to conscious making. In 2020, Christine released two new books, The Nine Gifts: First Aid for Mind Body and Spirit and the Body Love Journal. She is serving as steward for Sundari Gardens on Hawai'i, founded in 2017.


Janice Williams

Janice is launching MisTee Wants To Know, Inc., using technology to inform stylists to determine better hair solutions. The first launch will be the MisTee PRO Handheld Steaming Tool (www.misteepro.com). She received a $100,000 investment, is the first Black woman to win the Silicon Valley PitchForce competition, is currently finalizing the preliminary prototype and is searching for a chemist. Check out Janice’s social media sites: Twitter: @MisteeTo, Instagram: #MisteeWantsToKnow and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MisteeTo.


Manuel Arias

Manuel has taken time off from corporate work and has obtained additional education through a bachelor's and master's degree in the field of general and clinical psychology and coaching, mainly centered on the corporate world. He is focusing on taking advantage of them in the business or personal world, either locally in Spain or globally, both in person and online.


Mark Jansen

Mark is enjoying his 10th year as CEO of Blue Diamond Almonds and his first as chairman of the California Chamber of Commerce.


Paul Stratta

Paul launched a tennis oriented B2C x B2B startup, iPlayMe2, with his daughter, Manuka, now a junior at Stanford. Four years in the making, from Brussels, the app is available in eight languages, on all six continents. The father-daughter “dream team” still on speaking terms. But Paul warns that he’ll open a Palo Alto office and really embarrass her classmates.


Paige Smith Jernigan

Paige is an advisor to newly created Everest Effect, a for-profit crisis recovery platform connecting communities in need directly with people and brands who want to help. Using the Everest Effect’s proprietary Crisis Recovery Score and marketplace matching, the platform is building a sustainable, modern system that can scale globally. The $45B+ disaster recovery system is broken, resulting in excessive waste and fraud. Join us and donate a basket of goods to someone in need: www.everesteffect.com.


Mark Lamps

Like many, Mark was disappointed at the cancelation of our reunion this past May, but he is looking forward to the rescheduled event. Kudos to James Pitts ‘95 for organizing virtual TGs on Zoom and branching out into discussions of race and diversity. Mark loves the learning and staying connected with classmates. Personally, Mark remains living in Minneapolis while working out of Chicago, looking at being an empty nester this fall, although online college plans could change this!


James Pitts

James has been conducting monthly Kellogg ’95 Zoom TGs after the 25th reunion was postponed. It's been great to reconnect with classmates and reminisce about collective experiences at Kellogg. Some of the class of ’95 have also been in engaged in a discourse on race in America in response to the George Floyd killing and subsequent racial unrest. Topics include diversity/inclusion/engagement, equal access/quality of education, policing and crime in America, etc. James has been keeping Rick Berg ’95 in line, barely.


Tom McNulty

ValueScope, Inc. is excited to announce that Tom joined the firm on April 27 as a principal and managing director who will launch a Houston office. Tom’s responsibilities include financial consulting, valuation analysis, transaction and dispute advisory and expert testimony. In addition to serving as the managing director of the Houston office, Tom will assume the position of energy practice leader. He can be reached at tmcnulty@valuescopeinc.com and at 832-472-3717.


Cecile Tiano

After a busy 12 months spent working as an independent consultant on a business transformation program in the Caribbean, Cecile took advantage of lockdown in London to reset and develop new skills. She is currently training as a life and transformation coach and as a Sophrologist and is looking forward to being of service in these times of need.


Jon Belmonte

Last year, Jon joined private equity firm Tritium Partners as a CEO partner. In November 2019, with Jon's help, the firm completed a majority investment in AutoVitals, a leading provider of SaaS solutions to the massive independent automotive repair market. Jon became CEO of the company at the time of the transaction. Like his previous company, Active Network, he expects the company to be very active when it comes to M&A.


Huu Duc Peter Doan

Celebrating his company VCG’s 20th anniversary, Peter was awarded the President Medal by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce for his efforts to globalize local private sector. VCG is the only company of its kind in marketing places consulting and credit card outsourcing in Vietnam. He also led the fundraising campaign from his United States Vietnam Alumni Club to donating 400,000 masks for the United States in March.


John Jennings

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP has named John as managing partner of the Greenville office effective March 6. John is assuming daily leadership of more than 81 attorneys and staff members. He joined the firm in 2006 as a partner in the corporate and securities practice, particularly focusing on public companies and financial institutions. He will maintain his robust practices in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings, public company reporting, executive compensation and corporate governance.


Rene Jarquin

Rene celebrated his 50th birthday on August 7 with his Kellogg sweetheart Nancy Joyce ‘97 and their two daughters, Nora and Julia. Despite the pandemic restrictions on Cape Cod, Rene enjoyed a small intimate dinner at the Cape Sea Grille in Harwichport, Mass., surrounded by the Shah family who travelled from N.Y., Shaun/Alicia Erickson from Boston and his 85-year-old father-in-law, Jack Joyce. Rene’s parents were unable to attend due to the coronavirus restrictions. He expects to celebrate with his Nicaraguan clan as soon as a vaccine is available.


Andy Scott

Andy joined Advantary, an advisory firm of 30 seasoned operators that help growth companies turn change into advantage. Advantary also launched the CEO Roundtable Series where CEOs share their challenges, ideas and solutions with a peer group of CEOs. More info at ceo.advantary.co.


Tim Smith

Tim has been appointed CEO of Probax, a market leading data protection provider in the United States and Australia.


Chris Tomseth

Chris continues to work with several early-stage travel and hospitality ventures in the Washington D.C. area. SkySquad provides airport assistants for families and seniors. He is also doing some business development work with Runtriz, a digital guest services platform co-founded by fellow alumnus Flinn Flexer ‘98.


Rosalyn Frazier

Rosalyn earned a doctorate in pharmacy in 2019. She recently joined Genentech as a medical science liaison. In this position, she focuses on respiratory conditions including influenza, asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. Through patient, payor and clinician engagement, she works to ensure appropriate drug therapy utilization and achievement of optimal patient outcomes.


Bruce Lindsay

Bruce Lindsay Bruce received the 2020 Best of Green Schools Award from the United States Green Building Council on March 2 and the Green District Award from the Florida Department of Education on July 14 for his work at Brevard Public Schools and a partnership with the Florida Institute of Technology. He was also re-elected president of the Space Coast ASHRAE chapter and made a life member of ASHRAE.


April Wright

April is excited to be releasing two documentaries she directed this fall. “Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story” will be available everywhere Sept. 22 and her multi award-winning doc “Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace” releases on Oct. 20.


Andrew (Andy) Tometich

Andy recently moved to the Twin Cities to begin his role as executive vice president at H.B. Fuller, the world’s leading and largest dedicated adhesives company.


Edward Rafacz

Edward started a Spacecraft Interactive Virtual Museum: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=29726054.


Bradley Wooten

Brad received an Educational Doctorate Degree in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in May.


Tim Cartwright

Timothy was named on the Florida Trend 500 Most Influential Business Leaders for 2020. This annual award highlights the 500 most influential executives in different economic sectors throughout the state of Florida. Timothy operates the largest angel fund in Florida.


Erik Britt-Web

Erik Britt-WebErik has lived in Boston since graduating from Kellogg in 1997. He has been happily married for nearly 30 years and has children ages 20, 18 and 12. He recently started a new role as senior director, global alliances and channels for Illusive, a pre-IPO cyber defense company. In his spare time, he coaches youth soccer and track teams and has started incubating a lifelong passion project at www.greatalbum.net.


Jenn Adams

Jenn assumed the role of CEO for August Bioservices, a contract development and manufacturing organization located in Nashville, Tenn. August Bioservices provides drug discovery, development and manufacturing services to biopharma and biotech customers. Jenn joined the company when it was acquired by Oak HC/FT. The transaction included new funding for the company to expand its capabilities to become a specialized, one-stop-shop CDMO for clinical and commercial injectable therapies.


Jay Mages

Jay’s firm that he co-founded, R&M Consulting, is celebrating its 14th year in business this year! R&M Consulting is a niche consulting firm that works in three areas: internal audit, income tax and sales tax. R&M is proud to be a certified women-owned business.


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Ken Bower

Ken has two good updates from St. Louis. First, the wealth management firm he co-founded, Clayton Financial Group, just celebrated its five-year anniversary and has grown to 19 employees who serve successful client families in 32 states. Second, Ken recently had lunch with two other Kellogg alumni, Dave Baylis ‘97 and Vic Mattison ‘96, to celebrate the birthday of yet another Kelloggian, Kevin Fleming ‘99. Happy Birthday, Kevin!


Joe DeLuca

Along with many individuals within his company, Astrodyne TDI, Joe is helping to fight the global the coronavirus pandemic through the expedited manufacture and delivery of power supplies for ventilators and pulse oximeters. The New Jersey factory is operating seven days per week using social distancing precautions to produce tens of thousands of these devices for medical facilities around the world.


Chris Malin

Chris recently joined Rivian after almost five years at Google. He leads employment marketing, building the Rivian employer brand to attract and hire the adventurous thinkers who will help deliver their first electric vehicles to customers next June.


Rahul Kapoor

After 20 years in Enterprise, Rahul founded a SaaS startup three years ago. Contiq (www.contiq.com) provides buyer intelligence to enterprise sales and marketing leading to faster deal cycles and higher contract values. The journey has been really fun as the vision has resonated with the fortune 100 companies and deployments are going full speed in several of them. On the personal front, his hands are full supporting entrepreneurial endeavors of his college-going son (born when Rahul was at Kellogg) and a middle school "maker" daughter.


Eric Victory

After almost 19 years with MedImmune and AstraZeneca (same place he interned during Kellogg), Eric has left big pharma and taken a new position with Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, a Canadian company on the verge of launching its first product. Eric and his wife Susan live in Maryland with their three boys, the oldest of whom was born during the second year at Kellogg, and who is now headed to his freshman year of college.


Sarah Zehr

Sarah married Dan Gantz on August 1. While the ceremony was not what they originally planned, their families attended, and the ceremony was livestreamed. The reception will take place next year.


Benjamin Tisdell

Ben (JD/MBA), his wife Alexis Siggers and their three children relocated to the Washington D.C. after seven years living in Asia. Ben oversees international loan workouts and other special situations for the International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group. Alexis is a high school special education teacher.


Derek Apanovitch

Derek has taken on a new role as chief executive officer of Global Safety Management, an environmental health and safety software as a service company. Derek continues to be based in Tampa with his wife Rebecca and three daughters. Prior to his new position, Derek spent over a decade building and leading an online healthcare education company.


Michael Comisarow

Mike and his family are happy to be back in Toronto (his ancestral home) after six years in Calgary with Credit Suisse. Mike runs Credit Suisse's infrastructure investment banking business in Canada.


Qiaoni Linda Jing

Qiaoni celebrated her first anniversary as president & CEO of Genective, a plant biotech JV of Limagrain and KWS, the largest seed companies in France and Germany, respectively, and the fourth and fifth largest in the world. In this past year, Linda relocated the global headquarters of Genective from Paris, France, to Champaign, Ill., and more than doubled her team in the U.S. Linda is glad to be back in Illinois and would be delighted to receive Kellogg visitors in Champaign.


David Youn

David is back in the country after a five-year stint working overseas and moving to Chicagoland. It will be great to be back near Kellogg since 2004.


Sam Mehta

Sam was recognized for his contributions as the founder of India Home Health Care and respected godfather of the home health industry in India. Sam led the creation and implementation of the specialized home healthcare nurse and caretaker paramedical model across the country. Today over 600,000 mostly young women from underprivileged strata work in the home care sector in India. Sam is also the vice chairman of Dr. Mehta's Hospitals in India and leads health investments for many funds.


Christina Wu

Christina is vice president of marketing in North America for Swiss chocolate company, Läderach Chocolatier Suisse. She started the position in 2019 after winding down her own startup chocolate company.


Kojo Appenteng

Kojo, Sam Ethiopia ’06 and Clayton Virgil ’06 have partnered to start The PAR Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing venture capital available to minority and female entrepreneurs. They have worked closely with the Kellogg Social Impact Center. They would love to hear from all alumni interested in this important topic.


Sonita Lontoh

Sonita, CMO of HP's 3D printing and digital manufacturing, was inducted into the inaugural class of the Women in Manufacturing's Hall of Fame. The honorees were chosen among senior executives who have made exceptional contributions to the manufacturing industry and to the advancement of women. Honorees were also chosen for embodying the association's mission of supporting, promoting and inspiring women in the manufacturing industry. Sonita was chosen among 15 honorees that also include executives from GE, Toyota, Boeing and others.


Analiza Wolf

Trying to make the best of the coronavirus, Analiza and Alex Wolf ’05 took their kids Bryson (8) and Scarlet (4) cross-country from New York to Arizona, traveling through 14 states camping, rock climbing, hiking and water skiing along the way. Alex transitioned from Bank of America to Mizuho in Treasury. Analiza is the executive director of Neighborhood Charter Schools in NYC.


Michael Beckmann

Michael launched CareVillage (carevillage.us) with his wife to help parents find and connect with nearby families to form the coronavirus-safe CarePods. CareVillage families use CarePods to home school together, trade-off watching each other's children while working from home, playdates and more. With millions of parents struggling with how they will balance working from home and schooling from home or wanting to provide safe social opportunities for their kids, CareVillage is helping them find support in their local communities.


Jacob Brauner

Jake and his wife welcomed their first child, Julian, on February 11 in Los Angeles.


Rebekah Scheinfeld

In March, Rebekah began a new role as CEO of Civic Consulting Alliance, a nonprofit that provides pro bono consulting services to government leaders and institutions to help make the Chicago region a better place for everyone to live in and work. The organization has played a central role during the coronavirus crisis, standing up 20 projects and leveraging more than $11M in services to support the region's response and recovery this spring. She's even partnered with other alumni, including Bradford Martin ’08 and Nate Anderson ’08!


Ruchi Watson

Ruchi was recently named managing director of the Goff Strategic Leadership Center in the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. She also continues her position as a faculty member in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy. Watson identifies her experience at Kellogg as a key factor in her choice to pursue a career in higher education. (Go Buckets!)


Alex Tenorio

Alex is now six months into a new role as executive vice president, development and donor engagement at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. He’s been excited to be part of a leadership team leading turnaround for the foundation. They’ve really focused locally, supporting philanthropy in San Mateo/Santa Clara County and the broader Bay Area. This turns out to have been incredibly important ahead of the coronavirus crisis and lockdown. It's a privilege to help corporate and individual dollars flow to those in our community who have been most affected.


Rey Bosita

Rey survived a five-day hospitalization for COVID-19. He is now completing his 18th year as a spine surgeon at Texas Back Institute in Dallas and using his MBA on startup medical ventures and calculating IRR on real estate investments. New skills include bread baking, grilling steaks and air-frying chicken.


Erin Owen

Ever taken your kids on a world-schooling family gap year? Please share your ideas and advice. Erin, her husband Matt and two sons are traveling in the Americas and elsewhere as the coronavirus conditions and country entrance requirements allow for the 2020-2021 "school year" while working from their laptops. Contact her at erin@erinowen.com.


Marsha McClary (nee Cotner)

Marsha, CDFA of Barrington, Ill., launched the firm ROI of Life specializing in holistic fee-only financial planning, analysis, investment advice and small business consulting throughout clients' life transitions including marriage, family planning, divorce, instant blended family and career pivots. Marsha is the founder of two startups with a breadth of finance and management experience. She is interested in women's empowerment initiatives and is a NextDoor neighborhood lead.


Steve Wooledge

After 17 years in California, Steve and his family moved from San Jose to Austin, Texas. He is working as vice president of customer and partner initiatives for Alteryx, Inc., the leader in Analytic Process Automation software.


Mike Turner

Mike was named president of the Utility Equipment Outfitters division of Nesco Specialty Rentals (NYSE: NSCO). Mike has had a 25-year career in distribution at Anixter Inc., where he held a number of leadership positions across multiple divisions in areas of management, sales and finance. Mike and his family will be relocating to the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.


Michelle Worth

Michelle and co-founder Erin Vollmer have expanded the geographic reach of their pediatric therapy services business, TherapyWorks. TherapyWorks was launched in 2017 with the goal of making quality pediatric therapy more accessible and convenient for busy families. TherapyWorks provides pediatric speech, occupational, feeding and physical therapy and social work services via teletherapy. It now has over 100 therapists licensed in more than 25 states. You can learn more about TherapyWorks' services and therapists at therapyworks.com.


Prashant Gupta

Prashant has introduced health AI collaboratives in cardiology, eyecare and pathology with a shared purpose of reducing disease burden. The work has received the HIMSS Asia Pacific Award, Frost & Sullivan Award and was recently cited at the UK Parliament Group on heart disease and in a 2020 United Nations report.


Raj Datta

Raj is reshaping the future of cloud security as CEO and co-founder of oak9. The Chicago-based application security company uses intelligent automation and security-as-code to power faster and more secure development. oak9 signed pilots with their first three clients in the first half of 2020 and is currently finalizing their angel round of financing to accelerate product development and client growth.


Timothy Jensen

Timothy moved to the central coast of California where he joined CoastHills Credit Union as CFO. He is thrilled to be back in California after 17 fulfilling years in Chicagoland.


Christopher Paquette

Christopher has joined national employee benefits provider Trustmark as senior vice president, chief digital and strategy officer. In this newly created role, Christopher will establish or enhance centers of excellence in strategy, digital delivery, data and analytics and marketing. He comes to Trustmark from McKinsey & Company, where he was a partner in the Chicago office.


Mark Skroch

Mark recently started as the general manager of BCV Social, headquartered in Chicago with additional offices in Miami and Noida, India.


David Hornthal

David and Erica Hornthal welcomed their second child, Michael Julius "MJ" Hornthal, on January 15. Big sister Samantha has been a huge help with her baby brother. David continues his work as president of Crosly & Associates, a boutique executive search firm in the analytics and data science industry. David uses his background as a data scientist to offer a one-of-a-kind recruiting service to his clients, which has included numerous Kellogg alumni.


Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly lost her husband, Rev. Sirchester Jackson, at the age of 41 after living with sickle cell anemia. His obituary is on a memorial website (https://www.everloved.com/life-of/sirchester-jackson/) where you can share kind thoughts and memories or make a tax-deductible donation to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois in his memory. Since we are experiencing a global pandemic, there will not be an in-person service. He truly had a big heart, big faith and big vision. He will forever be missed and live in our hearts.


Anisha Madan

Anisha recently took on a new role as chief financial officer at emids, a PE backed healthcare digital transformation leader. Anisha and her family have been living in Atlanta since 2017 and are even more appreciative of all the hiking trails that Atlanta has to offer.


Christopher Serb

In spring 2020, the Professional Football Researchers Association honored Chris with its annual Nelson Ross Award, recognizing outstanding achievement in historical research, for his 2019 book, War Football: World War I and the Birth of the NFL.


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Tim Bruno

After spending a decade in entrepreneurial ventures, Tim and wife Elle have created their own social impact venture, hesfired2020.com, committed to keeping the importance of this election top of mind for millennials and donating proceeds to causes undervalued by the current administration. Like-minded activist and classmate Amy Shoemaker ’10 has also joined their efforts with consultative marketing support.


Emal Dusst

Emal, a private equity executive, and Humaira Insaaf, a nurse, tied the knot in early 2020 at the Calabasas Country Club in Los Angeles, Calif. They met in Washington D.C. at the Embassy of Afghanistan.


Alejandro Diez Barroso

DILA Capital, a VC fund managed by Alejandro, finished investing its third fund late 2019 and is currently raising its fourth fund. DILA IV, a $100M fund led by the Inter-American Development Bank, will be investing in startups from Mexico, Latin America and the United States Hispanic regions.


Peter Eck

Peter has returned to his alma mater to become the director of employer relations at the Kellogg School of Management. He is thrilled to be giving back to our wonderful institution and to be helping both students and employers alike during these difficult times.


Beily Pan

Beily and her husband welcomed Neil to Silicon Valley on July 17. She completely underestimated parenthood and the power of newborns.


Evan Sharp

Evan was admitted into Leadership Greater Chicago's Signature Fellows program. It is the region's premiere civic leadership development organization. He and his wife Tarra (Thomas) Sharp ’13 also celebrated five years of marriage on March 21.


Tarra Sharp

Tarra Sharp
Tarra founded JHMacon Capital, an investment fund, to buy and operate a small B2B services company.


Jordan Brown

Jordan and husband, Gregory Brown, welcomed the birth of their second child, Bode Callan Brown, on January 4. Bode joins big brother Bruce Gregory, 7. The family resides in Newport Beach, Calif.


Kat Hand

After six years working in communications and corporate sustainability, Kat and her husband have taken the leap to open their own enterprise. Berkshire Cider Project, located in North Adams, Mass.. crafts dry, hard cider from locally sourced apples. Kat and Matt are thrilled to be part of the burgeoning creative community at Greylock WORKS, a former textile mill turned maker space and food incubator. Check them out at www.berkshire-cider.com.


Peter Herbst

After four years in Dallas working on the United States real estate equity team for Fortress Investment Group, Peter accepted a fund management role with Berkshire Residential Investments last spring. Peter, his wife Ashley and native-born Texan Emma Rachel relocated to the Boston area, where they also welcomed James Campbell to the world on June 29.


Massoud Ghaffari-Nikou

Massoud and Patrick McConnell ’17 launched Spring Tide Real Estate in 2018 and just finished a $3M equity raise for Fund 3 focused in Columbus, Ohio. Spring Tide seeks to grow the availability of quality housing for America’s workforce by repositioning an overlooked asset class into a professionalized investment opportunity. Among those invested are 14 other Kellogg alumni.


Brett Byron

Brett and Laura Xiao ’18 got engaged this past February. Though the couple met at Northwestern, when exactly they met is still a topic for debate. One memory is that they sat next to each other during a Strategy final, another is a brief encounter at a photobooth during the winter ski trip in Whistler and yet another is during the Diwali celebration. Regardless, the couple credit Kellogg for bringing them together.


Chuck Feerick

Chuck and Anusha Mohan ’18 met during the program and were engaged in January. They were married in Oakland in August. Chuck is a director at a San Francisco-based healthcare startup, and Anusha launched her own independent consulting company for retail-tech companies and venture capital firms.


Ali Briggs

Ali and Rachele Louis ’19 launched LifeWeb 360 at Kellogg. They help families gather memories and receive support from their community after a loss. They’re grateful they’ve been able to help so many families during social distancing, with rapid growth and media mentions including The New York Times and USA Today. Their website is LifeWeb360.com. Follow their journey on Instagram (@lifeweb360) and LinkedIn.


Sahar Jamal

Sahar JamalSahar was recently accepted into MIT’s 2020 Solver Class of 35 tech-based social entrepreneurs addressing global challenges for her startup, the Maziwa breast pump. She was selected from a pool of over 2,600 applicants. Maziwa has also won the Maternal and Newborn Health award funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Dave Beck

Dave recently moved to Long Beach, N.Y., and continues to drive all supplier activities as procurement director for breakthrough sports beverage brand BODYARMOR.


Chris Motley

Chris pivoted his company and launched a new platform, Mentor Spaces, which is a virtual mentorship company for emerging Black and Latinx professionals that helps companies scale their diversity and inclusion efforts while advancing the careers of underrepresented minorities. A feature was written in Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/monicamelton/2020/08/04/how-this-founders-mid-pandemic-pivot-is-helping-young-black-and-latinx-workers-face-an-uncertain-future/#30985e397021.


Vincent L'Erario

Vince was appointed as Arabella Advisors' first chief information officer. Vince brings deep expertise in enterprise technology and will help the Arabella Advisors team continue to build and strengthen IT systems and capabilities that enable the company to deliver on its mission of helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals efficiently and effectively. Arabella Advisors provides guidance and support to the world's leading philanthropists and impact investors and is an award-winning B Corporation with over 250 employees.


Angelika Husmann

Angelika became a mom at 6:59 a.m. on June 26, 2020 to Hudson Reid Husmann (HRH) or “His Royal Highness” as he has become to be known around the house. Weighing it at 5 lbs.,12.8 oz. and 21 inches, he is definitely the king of the house and his roar gets mommy jumping.


Abby Farrell

Abby was recognized by Chicago Crain's as a 2020 Notable LGBTQ Executive. This list honors business leadership championing diversity and inclusion within their organizations and in the work they do. Abby is an executive director and team lead at CIBC. She discusses the importance of women and members of the LGBTQ community being represented in financial services industry leadership roles. Abby is a proud supporter of Brave Space Alliance, a Black- and trans-led nonprofit that supports LGBTQ people on Chicago's South and West sides.


G. Graham Van Hook

The Van Hooks are now in Jacksonville, Fla. They are enjoying the Sunshine State. Big moves in May: Graham took command of USS TORNADO (PC 14) on May 21. He will be headed down to the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific this summer to combat the trafficking of narcotics. If that wasn't enough excitement, Katie and Graham welcomed their second child, and first daughter, Charley Anne Van Hook. She was born on May 31 (8 lbs., 10oz; 21 inches). She is beautiful and healthy — can't wait to put her in PURPLE! Go Cats!


Ainsley Cathcart

Ainsley Cathcart Ainsley was recently selected as a member of the 2021 Emerging Leaders class at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Each year, the Chicago Council selects a highly competitive cohort of Chicago’s up-and-coming professionals to participate in its Emerging Leaders Program. Emerging Leaders become part of a network of globally fluent leaders who will continue to raise the bar for Chicago as a leading global city. This year's class consists of 22 accomplished leaders in Chicago. Meet the class here: https://bit.ly/32hSLeB


Mary Nierengarten

On June 12, Mary legally married David Lee in a small civil ceremony. They hope to be able to have full celebration next year, on their one-year anniversary with friends and family.


Gavin Atkinson

Gavin joined J.P. Morgan Private Bank as a banker providing investing, banking, lending and wealth planning services to Chicago-area individuals, families and institutions. Connect with Gavin on LinkedIn if you, your family or your clients are seeking investing and/or wealth management support.



Connor Pera

Connor began his post-MBA career at Mars Petcare as an associate brand manager working on the dog treats portfolio.


Xiao Zhang

Xiao launched AmasuLife.com which offers natural herbal products that easily integrate into daily routines and prolong a healthy life. Amasu’s Immunity Booster herbs plus coffee formula makes it easy for people to naturally maintain their health. Its practitioner-developed products provide purposeful functional improvement properties resulting from the use of adaptogenic herbs combined with fair-trade, organic, single-origin, non-GMO, sustainably sourced ingredients that are healthy for you.


Ameya Bhosle

Ameya Bhosle
Ameya graduated from Kellogg during the COVID-19 pandemic and pivoted into an AI strategy consulting role at the startup Quantiphi after a decade-long manufacturing career. He will soon be moving from Detroit to Chicago.


James Kaune

James got married on June 20, 2020, just one day after his Kellogg graduation! He and his wife, Paige, had to drastically scale back their ceremony due to the coronavirus but couldn’t be more grateful for the perfect day. They are enjoying life together in Milwaukee and looking for their first house.

EMBA Cohorts

EMBA Cohort 29

Kim Marren

Kim led the turnaround and assisted in the sale of a multi-discipline, multi-location health care provider. "It was both exciting and extremely satisfying to be able to help this organization realize its potential," said Kim, who has established a reputation amongst her clients as a "fixer." She'll soon be on the lookout for another middle-market client to serve.

EMBA Cohort 37

Jerry Edwards

Jerry of Somerville, N.J., joined Orgain as executive vice president of sales where he will lead the team to expand retail availability and growth of Orgain’s portfolio of clean nutrition products. Since 2009, Orgain has been on a mission to help people lead healthy, vibrant lives.

EMBA Cohort 45

Jerome Granato

Jerome recently retired as corporate senior vice president and medical director of the cardiovascular service line for CommonSpirit Health. CommonSpirit Health is the largest nonprofit hospital operating company in the U.S. with over 700 care centers in 21 states.

EMBA Cohort 52

Robin Patinkin

Robin is thrilled to share that her daughter Liza graduated from the Kellogg full-time program, Class of 2020!

EMBA Cohort 52

Richard Sypniewski

Rich was named to Crain's Most Notable LGBTQ Executives for 2020 and for three years in a row since the inception of the Crain's LGBTQ Executive list. Rich is the CEO of SAGIN, LLC, a professional services firm headquartered in Chicago which provides management consulting, IT managed services, executive recruiting and development.

EMBA Cohort 55

Jim Cohick

Jim retired in early July after 39 years in healthcare — new pursuits include music, social impacting and tennis.

EMBA Cohort 62

John Thomason

John moved with his wife to Wellington, New Zealand, in early 2018 for the adventure of living overseas and to enjoy this amazing country! He worked as the COO of Samuel Marsden Collegiate School before opening up his own consultancy focused on nonprofit operations, fundraising and board services. New Zealand has been a terrific place to live — especially during the coronavirus. He encourages his classmates to please come and visit once we're all able to do so!

EMBA Cohort 63

Marc Womack

Marc has been appointed to be president and CEO of TD Auto Finance. In this role, Womack will oversee the expansion of TD Auto Finance in the U.S. market and drive integration between TD Auto Finance and TD Bank’s consumer business. He will also join the TD Bank Management Committee.

EMBA Cohort 69

Natasha Kennedy

Natasha and Mark Kubow eloped in Kauai in mid-November after a few attempts to some other parts of the world. They hope to celebrate with Kellogg friends and family later in 2021.

EMBA Cohort 78

Than Hartsock

Than recently relocated to the Bay Area to join a startup that John Deere purchased in 2017. Blue River Technology combines robotics and artificial intelligence to make agricultural equipment more intelligent and more precise. As general manager for the see and spray program, Than is leading the team that is developing computer vision and deep learning technology to enable farmers to improve weed management in their fields. The result is more efficient use of the herbicide and improved economics for the farmer.

EMBA Cohort 78

Narendra Patil

Narendra is the founder of StartupWind that delivers a virtual innovation management platform for university and state-wide entrepreneurship programs. Recently, Massachusetts COVID-19 Intrapreneur Challenge and Business Accelerator was run successfully on the StartupWind platform. The program helps Massachusetts companies as they pivot production capabilities to meet the emerging demands of the coronavirus pandemic. It prepares the finalists with customer discovery, business planning and mentoring so that they are ready to scale and thrive.

EMBA Cohort 79

Leticia Gammill

Leticia founded a nonprofit organization, WOMCY.org, to encourage more women to join cybersecurity. WOMCY operates in Latin America with headquarters in Florida, where she is based. WOMCY was recently featured in Florida Trend magazine and launched an unprecedented award for the Top 50 Women in Cybersecurity in Latin America.

EMBA Cohort 82

Purvee Kondal

Purvee has been appointed as an advisory board member of RampRate.

EMBA Cohort 89

Jody Richards

Jody is an east central finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Jody is president of process technology, a global semiconductor company.

EMBA Cohort 107

Ricardo Cardiel

Ricardo is founder and CEO of Latin American Rainmakers (est. ’07), a firm focused on clean energy infrastructure projects. 2020 has been a challenging year where all our business and leadership skills were successfully tested under high pressure conditions. Being conscious about what really matters — saving lives, keeping job positions and helping others — pushed the firm to create strategic alliances and support other businesses to survive. Thinking bravely, being disruptive and being focused gave us growth in the middle of the storm. Thank you, Kellogg.

EMBA Cohort 109

Jose Salas

Jose received the Volunteer of the Year award from the Economic Growth Business Incubator, a nonprofit located in Austin, Texas, for his constant support to small business and entrepreneurs in Hispanic and other minority communities.

EMBA Cohort 112

Kimberly Grove

Kimberly was appointed as chief financial officer at Epsilon Economics.

EMBA Cohort 112

David Kalainov

David joined faculty of NUVentions Medical, an NU elective for graduate students in the schools of law, business, medicine and engineering. Multidisciplinary student teams devise solutions for unmet needs in healthcare. A lot of fun!

EMBA Cohort KH02

Javier Manzanares

Javier Manzanares was nominated chairman of IASE The International Association for Sustainable Economy, the first worldwide certifying entity on environmental, social and governance. Headquartered in London, IASE represents the sustainability profession globally regarding standards setting. IASE certifies ESG professionals in international sustainable finance, as well as international sustainable business.

EMBA Cohort KH08

Charles Kuai

After a decade as founding president of Nuance, Greater China, Charles successfully led the company to be one of the fastest growing AI companies in Greater China. In 2018 Charles merged Nuance Greater China with Nuance Auto and as a co-founder formed/spun out into Cerence — successfully IPO'ed on Nasdaq Cerence (CRNC), a global leader in AI for the world of Motion. Today Cerence is one of the fastest growing companies in AI companies globally. He continues to live in Asia and remains closely connected with the Kellogg family.

EMBA Cohort KH14

Olivier Berger

Olivier has been appointed senior commercial operation director at Firmenich.

EMBA Cohort KMI13

Jeffrey McClusky

Jeffrey attended Kellogg in the middle of a very successful career in the music industry at a technological turning point marked by Napster, iTunes and the redevelopment of an entire industry. As the recording industry was collapsing, he needed to take a step back and evaluate his skills and redefine his business. As a result, he has diversified his 38-year music business career by adding artists development and artist management to his offering.

EMBA Cohort KS07

Akindayomi Odedeyi

Akindayomi and his wife earned their PhD degrees from Niagara University, N.Y. — the first married couple to do so in Niagara University history. Their 2020 graduation ceremony was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions in New York state, but they were allowed on campus on July 21 to take pictures in their regalia. They hope this inspires anyone in the MBA program who dreams of getting their doctorate to push ahead to their goal.

EMBA Cohort KS09

Ashish Bansal

Ashish is joining Twitch as director of recommendations and machine learning where he will focus on connecting people with the live streaming content that is most relevant to them.

EMBA Cohort KW3

Ana Diaz Marquina

Ana continued with her professional path while growing a family. Maria, her first daughter, born during the MBA time, is studying biomedical sciences in London. Ana’s second daughter, Marta, will soon finish her IB. Specialized in chemicals, following an international commercial career, Ana leads now a global strategic chemical sourcing team in the energy sector innovating with sustainability focus.

EMBA Cohort KW21

Tobias Roelz

Komax continues to drive forward digitalization and expands its executive committee. In recent years Komax has invested considerably in digitalization and has developed innovative digital solutions for automated wire processing. To accelerate digitalization in sales and service, Komax is grouping together its IT, digital business and global sales and service activities in a single unit. Tobias, formerly VP global IT and digital business, will be appointed to the executive committee as of July 1 with responsibility for the joined team.


Donald Wunsch

Donald, 2007 Kellogg Executive Scholar in Nonprofit Management, was appointed interim director of the largest research center at Missouri S&T: https://econnection.mst.edu/2020/07/wunsch-named-interim-isc-director/.

EMBA Cohort WHU 12

Greg Barnes

Greg was recently named president of Lockton Greater Los Angeles. In his new role, he is focusing on top-line revenue growth, producer development and overall client experience while continuing his client and business development responsibilities. He has been with Lockton for nine years, most recently as executive vice president, serving on the company’s executive committee. His expertise as a leading producer includes middle-market businesses, private equity and M&A situations.