More published works from Kellogg alumni

Cover of How to Drink from the Fountain of Youth: 30 Steps to Everlasting Youth by Rich Tola.

1981 — FT

Rich Tola

How to Drink from the Fountain of Youth: 30 Steps to Everlasting Youth is a book for anyone looking to lose weight, feel more energized, be more confident, define their personal goals and grow mentally while improving their entire outlook on life. It's both for millennials searching for their calling and for baby boomers who may have the money, but not the motivation to pursue their passion. It is available in paperback, eBook (English and Chinese) and as an audiobook, narrated by Rich Tola.
Cover of Strategic Marketing for Health Care Organizations: Building a Consumer-Driven Health System by Robert Stevens.

1982 — FT

Robert Stevens

This updated second edition of Strategic Marketing for Health Care Organizations: Building a Consumer-Driven Health System, co-written by Robert Stevens ’82, Joel Shalowitz ’82 and Professor Philip Kotler, uses a strategic marketing plan framework to analyze healthcare markets and show how innovative marketing can solve real-world healthcare problems. The segments include consumers, physicians, hospitals, health tech, biopharma and social cause marketing. This book meets the needs of healthcare students, managers and clinicians.
Cover of Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times by Larry Robertson.

1991 — FT

Larry Robertson

On June 1, Larry Robertson published his third and very timely book, Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times. In March, he had the pleasure of discussing it with Matthew Temple ’93 ’18 MS in a webinar for the Kellogg alumni network that was attended by nearly 600 alumni from across the globe. The book looks at patterns across those thriving in uncertainty over the last 20 years. It reveals insights applicable to any leader or sector. Larry has also written two other award-winning books on creativity and entrepreneurship.
Cover of The Expat Wife by Alki Economou.

1993 — FT

Alkistis Economou

Alki Economou recently published The Expat Wife: A Journey Through Countries, Cultures, and Emotions. The book is based on her 20 years of experience as an expat spouse. The book was quickly ranked #1 on Amazon’s travel and business books list. Additionally, Alki recently concluded a coaching course and is now a qualified coach by the International Coaching Federation.
Cover of Do Be Do Be You by Cathy Weber

1998 — E& W

Cathy Weber

Do be do be You is a children's book about choosing an outlook in life. It teaches readers how to be a helpful, joyful human who is grateful for and accepting of the present moment. Do be do be You encourages children to use all five senses to connect joyfully and mindfully to the world around them. Remembering how to stay present can go a long way in making lasting positive choices. While writing this book, Cathy Weber was taking a meditation course and writing an article about using all five senses in meditation. Do be do be You is available for purchase on Etsy and Amazon.

Cover of Restructuring the Hold: Optimizing Private Equity and Portfolio Company Partnerships by Mark Habner.

1997 — FT

Mark Habner

Restructuring the Hold: Optimizing Private Equity and Portfolio Company Partnerships explains how to establish a collaborative partnership, enact an effective operating cadence and ensure an evergreen value creation approach. By revealing what to expect, how to avoid pitfalls, where to find opportunity and how to achieve accelerated results, Restructuring the Hold provides a clear and useful guide for anyone involved in the exciting world of private equity.
Cover of Marketing Is Everything We Do – How Serving Others Brings Success in Business and in Life by David Loomis

1992 — E&W

David Loomis

Dave Loomis has published a book called Marketing Is Everything We Do – How Serving Others Brings Success in Business and in Life. Dave is a consultant, trainer and executive coach. He has started the Loomis Marketing Academy, an online marketing community and resource offering content, collaboration and certification. He is based in his hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
Book Cover of Scale Your Everest by Erik Severinghaus.

2012 — E&W

Erik Severinghaus

Serial entrepreneur Erik Severinghaus ’12 has written the ultimate entrepreneurial guidebook to help founders navigate the most challenging part of the journey, “The Death Zone of Imposter Syndrome.” Through a combination of neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and personal experience, Scale Your Everest identifies the challenges of entrepreneurship and helps readers build the mental resilience needed to succeed.
Book cover of Meetings That Get Results by Terrence Metz.

EMBA Cohort 28

Terrence Metz

There’s nothing more frustrating than an unproductive meeting — except when it leads to another unproductive meeting. Metz’s new book, Meetings That Get Results, ensures that meetings produce clear and actionable results. This is a practical, comprehensive guide to designing and running more effective meetings — resulting in less time wasted, more collaborative decision-making and measurably improved business outcomes. It is scheduled to be released by Berret-Koehler this summer.
Book Cover of Shades of Silence by Amy Lazarus.

EMBA Cohort 45

Amy Lazarus

Amy "Liz" Lazarus is launching her third suspense novel this spring. Shades of Silence tells the story of Julianna Sandoval, a Florida-based restaurant owner whose husband has disappeared. One evening, a young woman enters her restaurant declaring, "He's not who you think," but before the girl can say anything further, a gunshot through the window kills her instantly. The murder investigation leaves Julianna wondering who she can trust and culminates with an eerie link to the past that no one sees coming. Shades of Silence is available for purchase on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. For more details, visit
Book Cover of Proven not Perfect by Shontra Powell

EMBA Cohort 100

Shontra Powell

Proven Not Perfect: 7 Truths of a Corporate, Executive, Mommy, Wife and Christian is a book to inspire and encourage readers to live their best life, while fulfilling multiple roles. It is about a 26-year corporate businesswoman who is married with three kids. She may appear tireless and fearless, but internally, she struggles with managing fears, frustrations and regrets. Proven Not Perfect can be read in one sitting or used in series as a daily reflection tool. It aims to provide the reader peace in recognizing that we are not alone in getting things wrong before learning how to get them right.
Book Cover of The True Humanity in Us: 52 Great Acts in a Year by Olusegun Henry Laraiyetan

EMBA Cohort KS9

Olusegun Henry Laraiyetan

In view of the various happenings across the world and the need to keep hope alive in people, Henry Laraiyetan introduces The True Humanity in Us – 52 Great Acts in a Year. In the book, Henry seeks to bring out the true humanity in people, encouraging them to embrace and show kindness, care, generosity, love and empathy and to live in peace and harmony while enjoying the tranquility of the earth.