More published works from Kellogg alumni

Cover of Strategic Marketing for Health Care Organizations: Building a Consumer-Driven Health System by Robert Stevens.


Fred Brockie

Fred has taken a break from his legal practice in taxation and bankruptcy to write a novel. Under the pen name Frederick Bruce, he published “Sex, Murder, Betrayal,” which was featured in the New York Times Review of Books in April 2022. In the novel, a passionate sexual encounter leads to a murder. The job of solving the crime falls to an aging Irish American detective teamed with a retired Scotland Yard Englishman.


Alison Heiser

Alison has been honored with a 2022 Nautilus Book Award in the business and leadership category for her book “FrameShifting: Unleashing the Power of Frameworks to Fuel Collaboration and Solve Tough Problems.” The prestigious Nautilus Award seeks, recognizes, honors, celebrates and promotes print books that inspire and connect us as individuals, families, communities and global citizens.


Neil Kaplan

Neil recently published “Acquiring Polish Citizenship by Descent: What You Need to Know, 2nd Edition - New for 2022.” The book outlines many of the complexities of acquiring Polish citizenship by descent and serves as a comprehensive guide to those interested in beginning the process of obtaining Polish citizenship. Neil is the founder of, the world’s leading agency at helping clients navigate this process.


Sonya Grier

Sonya ’91 MBA, ’96 PhD is celebrating the publication of “Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries,” a book that provides a critical, cross-disciplinary and international overview of emerging scholarship addressing the dynamic relationship between race and markets. The book was honored with the AMA-EBSCO-RRBM Annual Award for Responsible Research in Marketing.


Robert Jordan

How is it that some leaders win repeatedly, while others struggle to reach their full potential? Robert and coauthor Olivia Wagner set out to answer this question, interviewing thousands of leaders and matching top executives with struggling or high-growth organizations, learning firsthand what separates the rock stars from the rest. In “Right Leader Right Time,” they identify four unique leadership styles — fixer, artist, builder and strategist (FABS) — that, when applied to the right role at the right time, skyrocket success for both leader and organization.


Yves Hanania

Yves is celebrating the publication of “The Luxury Empire,” a business book focused on the luxury sector as it experiences new accelerations and disruptions. Even if what was important in the past is still relevant, Yves writes, new buzzwords around responsibility, commitment, transparency, increased creativity and innovation herald a new era for the sector at a global level. The book explores the stakes and opportunities that are of vital importance for a sector that is seeking a new reason for being that goes beyond profit.


Brandon Cornuke

Brandon recently published “The Value Proposition Matrix: An Innovator’s Guide to Four Questions That Separate Success from Failure.” Like the corners of a building’s foundation, these four fundamental questions will put any new venture on solid footing. The book explains how to use these questions to sharpen any business idea — be it a new product, service or model — and chart an efficient path forward.


Tommy Doles

Tommy, a former Northwestern football captain, shares his story of pursuing an NFL career that ended sooner than he had hoped but rediscovering the game in an unlikely place — Paris. “Gridiron Redemption” tells a story of life transitions and cross-cultural encounters. It points to the beauty in uncertainty and the richness that challenges — and the people we meet along the way — can add to our lives.

EMBA Cohort 61

Craig Shimasaki

Craig completed the second edition of his book, “Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Leading, Managing and Commercializing Innovative Technologies,” published by Elsevier. Its purpose is to help biotech entrepreneurs and leadership teams navigate the challenging but important pathway to create and commercialize medically needed products. His books can be found on Amazon.

EMBA Cohort 93

Kyle McDowell

In his first book, “Begin With WE,” Kyle examines the root causes of dysfunction in business, highlighting the plague of a “me-oriented” paradigm, and provides a remedy with his framework “The 10 WEs.” These guiding principles are the cornerstone of Kyle’s leadership philosophy and establish the foundation required for a culture of excellence. Kyle’s inside-out approach cultivates courageous “WE-oriented” leaders who recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.