A Q&A with Trista Bridges '00

Trista Bridges '00 and her business partner, Donald Eubank, published Leading Sustainably—The Path to Sustainable Business and How the SDGs Changed Everything to "put purpose on equal footing with profit." We checked in with Trista to find out where she suggests sustainability and strategy intersect.

What inspired you to write Leading Sustainably?

There has been growing momentum around the idea that our current model of business is falling short and needs a reset. As a result, the topic of sustainability has lept of the agenda of companies around the world and managers across all sectors are being called upon to act. My co-author and I wanted to explore the state of play of sustainability from a business perspective and, through case studies and examples, provide some guidance on how organizations can truly embed sustainability in their strategy and operations.

What research do you discuss?

As sustainability is truly a global issue, we wanted to make sure that we explored the topic from a global perspective. So a significant part of our research focused on interviews with 100+ thought leaders from around the world and various sectors. Many of those we interviewed came from large corporations such as Sony, Coca-Cola, H&M, AXA, Novo Nordisk, and Givaudan (to name a few). However, we also interviewed many smaller companies, including companies we refer to as "mission driven" companies — those that have been sustainable from the start, such as KEEN and Toad&Co.

How is the topic of sustainability changing?

In the past, sustainability focused almost exclusively on the environment. Obviously climate change is an issue of existential importance. However, other critically important topics such as health and wellness, equality, education, decent work, justice and good governance also need our focus. I would even argue that all of these topics are, in fact, interconnected. It's going to be extremely difficult for us to tackle climate change if we don't have good governance or big improvements on equality in all its forms. Thanks to the launch of the SDGs and the awareness of these issues among the general public in many places in the world, our definition of sustainability has expanded. This is a good thing.

Why do you feel sustainable business is a critical topic now?

I would highlight two reasons. Firstly, the general public is much more active in voicing their disapproval of companies they view as having a poor track record on sustainability and supporting (through their spending) companies who they feel better align with their values. In addition, investors are now much more engaged on this topic. ESG has grown significantly as a screening criteria as investors increasingly view investing in companies with little to no focus on sustainability as a risky endeavour. These dynamics are converging to put increasing pressure on companies.

What do you hope people take from the book?

There are many lessons throughout, but I would stress two: 
  1. Businesses needs to approach the transition towards sustainability like they would any other change management effort — e.g. set clear targets, put in place KPIs and hold employees accountable for them, skill-up employees through training and other initiatives, and ensure this effort is properly resourced.
  2. It's important people view sustainability as an opportunity. When you look at what companies like Danone or Autodesk are doing as well as more mission-driven organizations like Patagonia, Lemonade, and many more, we can see that companies can thrive and lead by putting sustainability at the core of what they do.

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