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  Larry Levy
© Nathan Mandell
Larry Levy, CEO and chairman of Chicago-based Levy Restaurants
  Scott McNealy
© Nathan Mandell
Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems’ chairman and CEO
Entrepreneurial advocates share experiences

Larry Levy kicked off the Kellogg School Distinguished Entrepreneur Speaker Series on Oct. 1. Speaking before a large audience of Kellogg faculty, students and staff in the Owen L. Coon Forum, the 1967 Kellogg alumnus shared the story of how he turned a Chicago deli into a food service empire. As CEO and chairman of Chicago-based Levy Restaurants, Levy has repeatedly demonstrated his entrepreneurial acumen over the past quarter century. Levy has said that his success can be attributed to a mix of “passion for people and great food.” He has also highlighted the important role played by his dedicated employees, many of whom themselves express an “entrepreneurial passion,” according to Levy.

Lending his professional insights to the Kellogg School Distinguished Entrepreneur Speaker Series, Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems’ chairman and CEO, addressed Kellogg students, faculty and staff in the Owen L. Coon Forum on Oct. 5. McNealy said because the contemporary global society is no longer “geographically bound,” building and leveraging powerful relationships throughout the world is key to leading a successful firm. “Your responsibility is to work hard for a very long time,” McNealy said. “Don't do it for money only; do it for ‘psychic income.’”

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