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  Dean Dipak C. Jain

From the Dean

Dear Alumni and Friends,

By now you have heard the good news: The Kellogg School of Management is considered both the top MBA program globally and in the United States, according to two recent prominent surveys!

The rankings by The Economist Intelligence Unit and BusinessWeek are simply two measurements of our success, and the news certainly is a wonderful testament to the dedication and excellence of our faculty, staff, students, alumni and corporate partners.

The Kellogg School, of course, has long been recognized as an innovator in graduate management education — first, when it defined executive education more than 50 years ago, and then again in the 1970s, when it introduced the team concept into its curriculum. Both models have been duplicated worldwide, and Kellogg continues to redefine how these concepts apply to the current business environment.

Perhaps that is the greatest hallmark of the Kellogg School — its ability both to develop and execute innovative concepts in an expedient and successful way. Kellogg, through its team-oriented culture and caring approach, adapts quickly to today’s changing world, ensuring that a Kellogg education remains relevant.

The Kellogg School continues to identify ways in which we can revolutionize graduate management education. We are now focusing on leadership across three levels: team leadership, thought leadership and market leadership.
For our students, we offer opportunities to evolve from being excellent team players to serving as excellent team leaders. Students enter Kellogg with well-defined leadership skills, and they hone these skills here through activities both inside and outside the classroom.

This year, we are piloting a leadership assessment program with 80 students. The program allows students to evaluate their current leadership skills and work with faculty, former employers and our Career Management Center to map out a plan for their futures. The goal is to offer the program to all incoming students by fall 2003.

Our students have always served as partners and will continue to play an essential role in thought leadership. They are co-creators of knowledge and must work with our faculty to develop innovative concepts. Together, our students, faculty and corporate partners can generate knowledge through case studies and projects that influence the business community.

Finally, we must focus on market leadership, for the school and its faculty, alumni and corporate partners. Kellogg has secured its place as one of the leading graduate schools of management, and we must continually evolve to ensure we maintain this leadership position.

That is why our corporate partnerships are so critical to our success. We will continue to develop and foster these relationships around the globe, serving as a strong partner in helping businesses achieve market leadership.

This is an exciting time for the Kellogg School. Thank you for the valuable insights you provide in your support as we forge important partnerships with all our constituents. I will continue my global travels, reaching out to alumni, recruiters and corporate partners, and hope to meet you again soon.

Warmest personal regards,
Dean Jain's Signature
Dipak C. Jain

©2002 Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University