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A new digital direction

Tim Simonds ’98 returns to Kellogg as chief marketing and engagement officer

Tim Simonds ’98

Tim Simonds ’98, chief marketing and engagement officer, has made his name in marketing by taking good brands — such as United Airlines and Olay — and making them great again. By enhancing the customer experience and driving engagement, Simonds has successfully led marketing teams — using a data-driven approach — at General Electric, United Airlines and Procter & Gamble. Now, Simonds has the opportunity to channel his experience into supporting his alma mater. He has returned to Kellogg to do a job that he considers an honor and a challenge: marketing at a school traditionally known for marketing.

Here, Simonds discusses three key marketing themes on his mind for Kellogg’s future:

Driving brand
Clarify the key reasons why students, corporations and faculty choose Kellogg. Then, build on these key themes to develop an overall brand strategy that will enhance Kellogg’s reputation even further.

Transforming digital
Create a forward-thinking digital experience that engages stakeholders at all key touchpoints. For example, prospective students have three critical points of interaction: exploring educational opportunities at Kellogg; applying for the MBA program that fits their career and life goals; and committing to attend Kellogg. In the first 90 days, Simonds overhauled Kellogg’s homepage and enhanced the school’s social footprint.

Deepening engagement
Promote lifelong learning opportunities for alumni, business leaders and practitioners — both offline and online — with the overarching goal of increasing engagement with the school. Offline, by building on the momentum from thought leadership events, such as “Rethinking ‘Shareholder Value’ and the Purpose of the Corporation,” a conference jointly sponsored by Kellogg and the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program. Online, by helping develop faculty thought leadership and groundbreaking research into practitioner-focused content that can be applied directly to organizations and businesses.