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Schwartz Memorial Lecture brings Nobel Laureate to Kellogg
GE Fund's commit-ment to diversity has bolstered Kellogg doctoral program
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Dusty Baker brings his managerial insights to Kellogg TMP students
Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker speaks to students in The Managers' Program (TMP) on May 21 as part of the Kellogg School Symposium on Managerial Leadership. TMP is the Kellogg School's part-time MBA curriculum, designed for working professionals who choose also to continue their business education. Referencing his mother who returned to school later in life while working, Baker addressed the TMP students in attendance, saying: "I have a special place in my heart for people who work and go to school at night, because it's tough. You people are the future leaders of our country, and I'm impressed at your dedication." Baker regaled the audience with his lifelong experiences as a sports professional, in particular discussing the importance of having a positive attitude and focus to achieve excellence despite challenges.

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