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In their own words...
Leaders share thoughts on how free-time activities keep them centered at work and add balance to their lives

John Bachmann, managing partner, Edward Jones
Getting away from it all "I don't play tennis. I'm not a golfer. My idea of relaxation is doing absolutely nothing for a week. It's going to some location — maybe a remote island — and getting up at 5:30 a.m. and grabbing a pen and paper and just thinking about some issue with no schedule or agenda. All of us in my role operate far more than we should on just adrenaline. When you finally slow down you come to practically a halt."

Bill McDermott, CEO and president, SAP America Inc.
Family "When I'm not on the job, what I enjoy is focusing on the family, whether it's coaching, participating in family activities or connecting over good conversation and a few laughs. It's always magic to me. When homebase is right, everything else flows. You can't be a successful person unless you are putting your most important priorities in perspective."

Cheryl Mayberry McKissack, CEO of NIA Enterprises
Finding her spiritual center "I certainly believe in working hard, but I don't think working 24/7 makes you better or more productive. And it almost certainly doesn't make you a better manager to those who work for you. I believe balance is critical to anyone's success. I read, travel and work out on a regular basis. I've been all around the world."

"I try to do a number of different things that allow me to keep a balance and then I pray. I try to keep myself as spiritually centered as possible."

Richard Lenny, chairman, president and CEO of Hershey Foods Corp.
Physical fitness "I'm very active in physical fitness. I do it as much for the mind as the body. When I go running is when I have time to think through some issues. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter. Anyone who is busy in his or her career is going to be busy outside of it, too. That's part of our DNA."

Fred O'Connor, executive vice president, DHR International.
Since its founding nearly 12 years ago, O'Connor has served on the board of Chicago Cares, a nonprofit promoting volunteerism and civic engagement.

Volunteerism "Volunteer activities, he says, are a powerful reminder of the small, but important, joys people can bring to themselves and others through service. When you're out there painting a school, you're just another guy with a paintbrush. That's always good for putting things in perspective."

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