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The soul of entrepreneurship
Portrait of an entrepreneur
Class acts
Faculty forum
High stakes on the home front
Inspired to lead
Traffic nightmare
Theory & Practice: Brian Sternthal
Theory & Practice: Jim Oates
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In Depth

The soul of entrepreneurship
To kindle the innovative spark takes passion, vision and determination. The Kellogg School teaches entrepreneurial leaders to take smart risks, and reap the rewards of bringing their business dreams to life.

Profile of an entrepreneur
Meet a Kellogg alum whose love for the school is as great as his entrepreneurial success

Class acts
Kellogg School professors bring an entrepreneurial spirit to their teaching and research. Here’s how some of them keep academic excellence — and excitement — alive in the classroom

Faculty forum
Professor Morton Kamien on innovation and waiting for the “next big thing”

High stakes on the home front
At Kellogg, entrepreneurship means more than just high-tech. The Center for Family Enterprise shows how Kellogg MBAs and family business leaders can team up to create win-win excitement that leads to remarkable rewards.

Where the fire comes from
Kellogg alumni CEOs and senior leaders reveal the secrets of their motivation — and how they use that passion to build better companies

Traffic nightmare
How the politics of terror impacts ground transportation, supply chains and the bottom line

Theory & Practice: Professor Brian Sternthal and former Leo Burnett CEO Jim Oates explain the message of marketing
Theory: Professor Brian Sternthal
Practice: Jim Oates

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