Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring/Summer 2017



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Tending to the Needs of the “Whole Person”

Larry Levy ’66, ’67 was involved in early planning of the building and provided valuable insight on the design of The Market. He and his wife recognized that students spend much of their day at school and on campus. By offering healthy meals, workout facilities and social spaces, the Global Hub will provide for the “whole person.” “Diet and exercise are as important to a long, happy life as what happens in the classroom,” Levy said.

This emphasis on personal balance encompasses both action and reflection. “Where are you supposed to go to have a private moment to reflect?” asked Esther Choy ’09. The need for a reflection room might not hit everybody the same way, but it hit Choy “like a lightning bolt.” Students are flooded with opportunities and ideas, yet rarely have the space to reflect on them, believes Choy. With the creation of the BEAM Reflection Room, students seeking quiet, personal time now have a place.