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Chris Andersen '62, right, with JANY President Douglas Schallau, left, and JANY Treasurer H. Ronald Weissman
Chris Andersen '62, right, with JANY President Douglas Schallau, left, and JANY Treasurer H. Ronald Weissman

Alumni Newsmaker: G. Chris Andersen '62

Leader of the year Chris Andersen always an 'Achiever'

By Adrienne Murrill

Life came full circle in November for G. Chris Andersen '62 when he was named Junior Achievement of New York's 2007 Business Leader of the Year.

The founding partner of G.C. Andersen Partners was introduced to the worldwide organization that educates young people in financial literacy and entrepreneurship in high school. Andersen was then president of a Junior Achievement (JA) company and continues to carry those experiences with him today.

When the late Harold Shapiro, then-board member of Junior Achievement Chicago and a Northwestern University law professor, asked Andersen to consider involvement in the New York chapter, Andersen agreed. "After nearly half a century, I got back in touch with JA and it was astonishing, remembering the fundamental impact that year in JA had on me when I was a teenager," he said.

A board member himself and honoree at last year's NYC gala, Andersen is co-chair of JANY's endowment campaign. He said the organization plays an important role in reaching young people: "It helps them understand how the system works, what makes America strong and where our entrepreneurial instincts come from."

Andersen, who was once referred to by The New York Times as one of the five most creative investment bankers on Wall Street, said his involvement follows a Mormon philosophy. "Life is divided into trimesters. One-third is for learning, one-third is for earning and one-third is for giving back," he said. "This is clearly one of the joys of my life, being able to give back."

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