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Mark A. Satterthwaite

A. C. Buehler Professor in      
     Hospital and Health Services      Management

Professor of Managerial Economics

Professor of Strategic Management

Professor of Economics (by courtesy)

Director, General Motors Research      Center for Strategy in Management

BS 1967, Economics, California Institute of Technology; MS1969, PhD 1973, Economics, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Recently Published and Forthcoming Papers

"Lumpy Capacity Investment and Disinvestment Dynamics" (With David Besanko and Ulrich Doraszelski).Operations Research 58 (Summer, 2010): 1178-93. Full text.

"On the Role of Demand and Strategic Uncertainty in Capacity Investment and Disinvestment Dynamics" (With David Besanko and Ulrich Doraszelski).International Journal of Industrial Organization (July 2010): 383-389. Full text.

"Computable Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: Existence, Purification, and Multiplicity" (with Ulrich Doraszelski), Working Paper, September 2007. Full text.

"Learning-by-Doing, Organizational Forgetting, and Industry Dynamics" (with David Besanko, Ulrich Doraszelski, and Yaroslav Kryukov). Econometrica (March, 2010): 453-508. Full text of paper. Full text of Online Appendix.

"Convergence to Perfect Competition of a Dynamic Matching and Bargaining Market with Two-sided Incomplete Information" (with Artyom Shneyerov). April 2008. Forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior. Full text.

"Dynamic Matching, Two-sided Incomplete Information, and Participation Costs: Existence and Convergence to Perfect Competition" (with Artyom Shneyerov). Econometrica (Jan, 2007): 155-200. Full text.

"Competition and Market Power in Option Demand Markets" (with Cory Capps and David Dranove), Rand Journal of Economics 34 (Winter 2003): 737-63. Full text.

"Is More Information Better? The Effects of Health Care Quality Report Cards" (with David Dranove, Daniel Kessler, and Mark McClellan), Journal of Political Economy 111 (June 2001): 555-88. Full text.

"The Optimality of a Simple Market Mechanism" (with Steven R. Williams), Econometrica 70 (September 2002): 1841-1863. Full text.

"Strategy-proofness and Markets," Social Choice and Welfare 18 (2001): 37-58. Full text.

Recent Grants

Principal Investigator (with Rakesh Vohra, Tuomas Sandholm, Ming Kao, and Subhash Suri), “ITR/PE+SY: Collaborative Research: Foundations of Electronic Marketplaces: Game Theory, Algorithms and Systems,” grant awarded by the National Science Foundation, September 2001 through August 2007.

Principal Investigator (with David Dranove), “New Approaches to Identifying Hospital Market Power: Applications to Antitrust,” grant awarded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Nay 2004-April 2006.

Current Vita

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Some of this material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0121541. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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