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Books (Author or Co-Author)
[1] Managing Business Process Flows, (with R. Anupindi, S. Deshmukh, J, Van Mieghem, E. Zemel), Prentice Hall 1st edition, 1999; 2nd edition 2005.
[2] Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation, (with P. Meindl), Prentice Hall, 1st edition, 2001; 3rd edition 2007.

Books (Edited)
[1] 35 Years of MEDS and Management Theory, with A. Raviv and R. Vohra, 2003.

Other Articles
[1] "Choose the Channel that Matches Your Product," Supply Chain Strategy, Vol. , No. 9, October 2006.
[2]In Search of RFID’s Sweet Spot,” (with M.S. Sodhi), Wall Street Journal, March 2007.

Working Papers
[1] "Impact of stair-step incentives and dealer structures on manufacturers sales variance," with M. Sohoni, U. Mohan, and M.N. Sendil.

[2] "Revenue Cycle Management at Evanston Northwestern Healthcare: Using lean principles to Improve Performance," With J. Golbus, D. Kirkorsky, and G. Reinhardt.