Math Review (Mathematical Methods)
To provide incoming doctoral students with the essential mathematical tools for their programs, the Economics Department at Northwestern University offers a course during the three weeks prior to the start of fall quarter classes. This year Math Review will be held Monday, August 31, through Friday, September 18, 2015.

The instructor is Professor Wojciech Olszewski. The Math Review syllabus for summer 2014 is not currently available; however, for your reference, we have the syllabus from summer 2013. The summer 2015 course will follow the same syllabus from summer 2013. The Economics Department will provide more information regarding the summer 2014 class later this spring/early summer.

The class is open to any student from Kellogg who wishes to prepare for the ECON 410 (Microeconomics) sequence of classes, but Math Review is primarily for students in Accounting Information & Management, Finance, Managerial Economics & Strategy, Marketing (quantitative students), and Operations Management.

The course covers topics in real analysis, optimization, and topology; the course will also cover topics in linear algebra and probability theory if time allows. One of the primary aims of this course, aside from providing mathematical tools, is to develop the level of mathematical sophistication necessary to conduct research in modern economics. The course will emphasize logical clarity and mathematical rigor, along with the ability to follow and construct mathematical proofs.

The class is tuition-free. There is no need to register and no official grades are recorded. There will be daily lectures followed by problem sessions and daily problem sets with an optional exam on the last day. The exam will be graded, but only to let you guage your mastery of the course material. Continue to check this website for more information about the summer 2014 class.

Please note: In certain circumstances students may be waived from attending Math Review due to their prior academic training. Waivers are granted by the PhD coordinator for each student’s program. Otherwise, attendance at Math Review is expected.

Econometrics Review
There is another math preparation session for econometrics.  Information about the summer 2014 sessions is not available yet.  In the past, the sessions have been offered from 3-4pm, five days per week, in room 3245 Jacobs Center.  It’s taught by an economics graduate student.  Here is a copy of the topics covered from summer 2013The website will be updated for 2015 once information is received from the Economics Department.