Math Review (Mathematical Methods)
The Economics Department at Northwestern University offers a course during the late summer that provides incoming doctoral students with the essential mathematical tools needed for their doctoral studies.  The class prepares Kellogg PhD students for the ECON 410 (Microeconomics) sequence of classes.  The summer class is called Econ 401, Mathematical Methods, but is commonly referred to as “Math Review.”  The course covers topics in topology, real analysis, optimization, linear algebra and probability theory.

The tentative start date for Math Review 2018 is Wednesday, August 29th. Math Review typically holds a lecture daily from 
9am to 12pm. Discussion Sessions are typically held daily from 1pm to 2pm and on Wednesdays from 9am to 12pm. Math Review typically runs for three weeks. Please refer to the 2017 syllabus for more information. 

While any student can attend Math Review, the course is primarily for students in Accounting Information & Management, Finance, Managerial Economics & Strategy, Marketing (quantitative students), and Operations Management.  The class is tuition-free. There is no formal registration through Northwestern; however,
the expectation is that you attend all sessions and take the final exam. 

Econometrics Review

Econometrics review is an additional math preparation class required for econometrics. Exact dates for Econometrics Review will be available summer of 2018. Econometrics Review 2018 is tentatively scheduled to began on Tuesday, September 4 and will continue through Friday, September 14. Typically it is held Monday through Friday, 2:00 to 3:00. Here is a copy of the topics covered previously