Day at Kellogg

Student Admit Visits
An important part of the admission process is a trip to Northwestern University’s Evanston campus. As a prospective student, you will have an opportunity to join our faculty and current PhD students in order to learn more about Kellogg’s research community, collaborative research culture, and research resources.
Day at Kellogg (DAK) Program
Travel Survey - Planning Your Trip
Travel to Northwestern University and Hotel Accommodations
Travel Reimbursements


Day at Kellogg (DAK) Program
Day at Kellogg is typically a two-day program with arrival on Sunday to ensure you have enough time to settle in and meet up with our PhD students, who will take you off campus for some fun around town! On Monday our faculty will provide a general introduction to Kellogg’s research resources and collaborative research culture. After lunch, you will engage with faculty and students within your specific PhD program.

Travel Survey – Planning Your Trip
Before you arrive we will ask you to complete our travel survey and then we will be in touch with you regarding next steps and hotel needs!

Travel to Northwestern and Hotel Accommodations
Before you make your journey to Northwestern University, please refer to the information below regarding travel options and hotel accommodations, as well as information on getting to Northwestern’s Evanston campus. Also, you may want to download Northwestern Mobile, a handy app for mobile devices with maps, news, event listing, directories, videos and more from Northwestern University.

Directions to Northwestern University’s Evanston Campus
There are two airports that service the area:
O'Hare is the recommended airport because it is closer to Evanston. From the airport, there are various options for you to travel to Northwestern University's Evanston campus. Please note, if you decide to take a taxi, be sure to call the suburban taxis listed in this document as the city taxis will not take you to Evanston. 

Campus Parking
If you will park on Northwestern's Evanston campus, you will need to contact the PhD Program office in advance for a parking permit. Here is a map for parking with directions on walking to the Allen Center.

Hotel Accommodations at the Hilton Orrington in Evanston
Kellogg will make hotel arrangements for all PhD DAK visitors at the Hilton Orrington located in downtown Evanston.
Address: 1710 Orrington Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60201
Telephone: 847.866.8700
Map and driving/walking directions for the Hilton Orrington.

Kellogg School of Management on Northwestern's Evanston Campus
During your visit, you will be spending most of your time in two of Kellogg's buildings.
  • The Allen Center: the morning program for PhD DAK will be held at the Allen Center; 2169 Campus Drive. 
  • The Global Hub: after lunch, you will head to the Global Hub (Kellogg's new building), where PhD students and faculty reside along with the full-time MBA and PhD Programs. The Global Hub is located adjacent to the Allen Center at 2211 Campus Drive.

Travel Reimbursements 
Each PhD program will be in touch regarding travel budgets and reimbursement processes. 

  1. Kellogg will take care of all hotel expenses, including breakfast, which will be charged directly to your room. 
  2. Other reimbursable expenses include airline tickets, taxis/shuttles, meals, mileage for your car, parking receipts, etc. 
  3. Please keep your boarding pass if flying and all original receipts.  All reimbursements for travel expenses will be processed through your admitting department.  Information on the reimbursement process will be provided to you during your visit by your department.
  4. Hotel confirmation numbers and transportation information to/from campus will be sent later as we get closer to the visit.  

Please note
:  You are required to report any expense paid, or expected to be paid, by another university related to your visit to Northwestern, e.g. airfare from east coast to west coast to visit multiple universities.  It is not uncommon for our office to communicate with other universities so that expenses can be shared.  If an expense is shared with another university, the school paying the largest portion receives the original receipts, and the other school(s) receives a copy of all receipts. Please document where the original receipt has been sent, if applicable.  

If you have questions about the Day at Kellogg, travel to campus, or the survey, please contact Kellogg’s PhD Program Office: