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Geographical Clusters

We have built three additional clusters focused on three countries: Ghana, Philippines and China. Each cluster is designed to take advantage of the unique research opportunities provided by its setting. In two of these sites, Ghana and the Philippines, we are collecting a long-term panel data set, which yields detailed, multi-level and long-term data from individuals over time that can provide a scientific framework for a wide range of potential studies of the medium- and long-term process of development. The in-depth data collected provides an opportunity to involve local governments, NGOs, donors, and other stakeholders to explore unexpected connections and complementarities that arise from the interaction of different programs and policies. In China, we collaborate with universities and researchers to provide a platform for U.S. researchers and students to gain access to Chinese data and in-depth knowledge of China’s rapidly evolving institutional and policy environment. The clusters involve a long-term commitment to research collaboration with local institutions, policy engagement and the opportunity for Northwestern students to participate.
In addition to these geographic clusters, we have collaborative research projects in more than 20 countries as depicted in this chart.

GPRL cluster locations around the world

A map showing where the global poverty research lab has clusters around the world

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