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Addressing the challenges of overcoming poverty and improving well-being in the developing world

Our goal is accomplished by supporting graduate student and faculty research, providing undergraduate research opportunities, coordinating a seminar series, and assisting with data management

In July 2017, Northwestern University launched the Global Poverty Research Lab, dedicated to comprehensively understanding poverty and devising effective solutions. Employing a rigorous interdisciplinary approach, the lab combines empirical evidence, academic expertise, and practical engagement to address global poverty challenges. The core mission involves supporting groundbreaking research by graduate students and faculty, fostering innovation to advance the knowledge frontier, and contributing to evidence-based policies.

Central to our objectives is the commitment to providing resources and opportunities. The lab supports graduate students and faculty by offering substantial assistance, enabling in-depth investigations into poverty's drivers, consequences, and potential remedies. By facilitating access to funding, data sources, and research collaborations, the lab aims to create an environment conducive to impactful research outcomes. Recognizing the importance of nurturing the next generation of poverty researchers, the lab also provides valuable research opportunities for undergraduate students, inspiring their interest and equipping them with skills for future academic and professional paths.

In addition to research support, the Global Poverty Research Lab actively promotes knowledge sharing through a seminar series, facilitating interdisciplinary dialogue among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. The lab embraces a three-pronged approach: establishing focused clusters for concentrated research efforts, extending support to Northwestern faculty and student researchers exploring various dimensions of poverty, and actively engaging in policy discussions to translate research findings into tangible interventions. The goal is not only impactful research but also effective policy implementation, collaborating with stakeholders to advocate for evidence-based policies and programs that alleviate poverty.

Upcoming Events


GPRL-IPA Researcher Gathering 2024

Sept. 5–6, 2024

Speaker Event

Rookiefest 2025

April 4, 2025

The goal of the lab is to create an environment
in which scholarship on development economics can flourish at
Northwestern and be translated into effective policy action that will
reduce poverty around the world.
Chris Udry
Co-Director, Global Poverty Research Lab
2022 BREAD Conference

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