Club Sponsorship Resources

The Corporate Partnerships (CP) Department advises and supports student clubs and conferences with their corporate sponsorship solicitations. This office serves as a liaison between companies and Kellogg students and is knowledgeable on The Kellogg School’s overall relationships and history with corporate partners.

Is Your Club Eligible?

  • Corporate sponsorship is reserved for clubs of an academic or cultural nature. Non-academic clubs or social activities are not permitted to solicit companies for sponsorship. 

Is Your Event eligible?

  • Corporate sponsorship can be raised for events and activities that provide an academic and intellectual gain, benefit the entire Kellogg community, or share a cultural experience that enhances the overall education.

Prior to Sponsor Outreach:

  • Do not reach out to a company until your CP contact has approved your corporate package and company list. Your CP contact would be happy to meet and discuss your strategy, budget, and sponsorship plan.
  • When developing a list of potential sponsors, utilize business contacts, recruiters, alumni and past organizers of your activity.
  • Start early; Securing sponsors takes time. Begin solicitations 4-5 months prior to the event and no less than 6 weeks beforehand.
  • We suggest soliciting for all of your eligible events within one succinct sponsorship package per company. Your CP contact will have templates you may utilize. 

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Typical benefits include the ability to send a speaker, logo placement to promote event, and signage at the event. Please contact CP for a template or to review benefits.
  • Sponsorship is event based and cannot be raised generally for a club. All club events should be sponsored at a $1,000 level per event. Benefits are limited to the singular event being sponsored. 
  • In-kind gifts are defined as donations or awards of company property, goods or services which are not cash. In-kind gifts will be recognized only if the gift helps with the bottom line of the event budget. (i.e. complimentary printing of a marketing piece)

Confirming a Date:

  • Check the Kellogg Groups Calendar for potential conflicts; these can negatively affect your attendance. Please see the Key Dates/Guide for Company Presence on Campus for further information. 
  • Partner with other clubs to ensure a large audience for a high level speaker.
  • Before you confirm, note that clubs should not schedule more than 3 events per week and/or a company cannot be on campus more than 2 times per quarter. 

Once a SPONSOR Confirms for a Club Event:

  • Please let your CP contact know once a company agrees to sponsor, so an invoice can be sent. The check will be sent to the CP office, so that it can be acknowledged by the University as a gift to the school. The check is first deposited into a University Gift Account and is transferred to the club’s account. Please note that it may take a few weeks to be posted. 

Once a SPEAKER Confirms to Fulfill Club Sponsorship:

  • Once the speaker is confirmed please email, and cc your CP contact so that a thank you note from the dean can be sent to each speaker, all that is needed is the name, title, company, e-mail address, and the date of the event.
  • For other logistical planning needs please contact the Clubs Coordinator. We also recommend reviewing the Club Resources for Inviting a Speaker page for additional details. 

Visitor Experience:

  • Let your CP Contact know if the speaker has requested any meetings, as she can assist you in arranging them.
  • Ensure that someone will greet the speaker upon his/her arrival. We suggest exchanging cell phone numbers.
  • Determine who will introduce the speaker, who will close the event, and who will escort the speaker.
  • The day of the event: Make sure the AV is ready, that the speaker has water, a podium, and microphone if needed.
  • Have volunteers available to greet people as well as encourage students to take seats.
  • Please work with your club coordinator to ensure any other logistical items are arranged (this includes providing parking pass, detailed directions, speaker gifts, etc.)

Post Event:

  • The CP office will send sponsors a thank you letter once their sponsorship check is received. We also recommend within one week following the event, you send a personal thank you. 

Other Notes & Tips:

  • If your club is not eligible for corporate support, Kellogg Thank-a-thons are a simple way to raise funds by talking with Kellogg alumni and thanking them for their donations to the school.
  • Treks – We do not seek sponsors for student treks.
  • As an alternative to fundraising, some clubs ask the hosting companies to provide food for the event.