Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership is driven by practical application and grounded in rigorous research. We are committed to partnering with industry leaders to drive learning opportunities and create platforms that explore the intersection of academic discipline and business practice. Our faculty members are experts in data analytics as well as renowned teachers, authors, researchers, consultants and practitioners.


A Leader's Guide to Analytics
Florian Zettelmeyer on how a working knowledge of data science can help you lead with confidence.

More Than Pretty Pictures
Steve Franconeri on data visualization and its powers of persuasion

The Ultimate Data Set
Brian Uzzi on how computational social science aims to discover universal facts

Best Case Scenario
A five-person team from Kellogg took first place and $20,000 at the Wake Forest University School of Business Marketing Analytics Summit case competition

Billy Beane shows why leaders can't leave data science to the data scientists
Florian Zettelmeyer and Matthias Bolling explain how, as widely-familiar as the Moneyball story is, it is almost as widely misunderstood.

What will it take to regulate the stock markets?
Torben Andersen says access to real-time data is one solution, but with a caveat.

Data analytics for leaders
Data analytics can transform organizations when leaders use it wisely

Can we trust Uber?
Professor Brayden King advocates for information fiduciaries in this New York Times Op-Ed

Data-driven economic insights
Professor Scott Baker explores data from a popular consumer finance website to research household liquidity

Whitepaper: Big Data Doesn’t Make Decisions, Leaders Do
The six steps organizations can take to stay ahead of the analytics revolution

Expert opinion: Think big
Data scientists can’t do it alone. It’s the managers — and their thinking skills — that really maximize the power of big data 

Video: Kellogg at GE
Watch Florian Zettelmeyer's keynote at GE's Minds + Machines

Big data on the move and How to read a mind
Through a series of immersion trips, Kellogg faculty and industry pros trade analytics insights

Trading knowledge
IBM's Robyn Zeeman '89 discusses Kellogg and Big Blue's big data collaboration

Think you’re too small for big data? Think again.
It has transformed online commerce. Now middle-market companies and startups are mining big data for business growth

Professor Eric T. Anderson on The Customers You Do Not Want
If these “harbingers of failure” love what you do, you’re in trouble.”

Professor Song Yao on Increasing Revenue from Online Auctions
How buyer-seller interactions affect customer value in two-sided markets.

Videos: Data analytics for leaders
Professor Florian Zettelmeyer's perspective on the importance of courageous leadership and an understanding of data analytics in the era of big data.

More Insurers, Lower Premiums?
Professor Leemore Dafny on the monetary power of insurer participation in the ACA

That Car in the Rear-View Mirror May End Up in Your Garage
New York Times article on research co-authored by Professor Blake McShane, which says that impulse purchases of inexpensive goods were frequently a result of social interaction and hypothesized that similar interaction could affect even a major purchase like an automobile.

Embracing a big data mindset
Generating customer insight from data doesn’t depend on how much data you can gather, it depends on the mindset you bring to the data you have.


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