Operations Management is the study of how firms organize their resources and recurring activities to achieve their strategic goals. The Operations department takes an expansive view of the topic. In both teaching and research, we consider not just traditional manufacturing topics but also supply chains and services. We are also interested in a wide range of industries including retail, transportation and healthcare. In all of these environments, we believe that carefully evaluating the inherent tradeoffs and identifying the key drivers of operational performance are essential to the long-run success of the organization.

The department offers electives that introduce students to a wide variety of concepts, models and techniques. The Operations major is useful for those interested in careers in consulting or general management as well as those interested in the functional areas of operations or supply chain management. The department is heavily involved in the MMM program, the Kellogg Certificate Program for Undergraduates, as well as several executive education programs.

The Operations faculty pursues both theoretical and empirical research. The faculty includes a number of noted, award-winning scholars who have published both scholarly articles as well as managerial oriented papers and textbooks. The faculty have held numerous editorial positions as well as taken on leadership roles in professional organizations.