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Core Course Summaries

The Kellogg Student Association, in collaboration with the dean’s office and the core course faculty, has compiled the most important concepts, formulas, frameworks and other key takeaways from each of the core classes. These summaries will allow students to refresh their understanding of critical concepts. Many were created with the input and materials from multiple faculty members in a particular area of study.

Download Core Course Summaries

Only current Kellogg student who have completed all core classes can download these password-protected core course summaries. Sharing core course summaries with others is an honor code violation.

Several core course summaries are still under development and will be added to this page as they become available.

Unable to Download?

If you are having difficulty logging in to download a summary and believe that you should have access, please contact the KSA VP for Academics at ksa-academics@kellogg.northwestern.edu.