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The Center for Market Leadership, founded in 2008, is establishing itself as a resource for scholars and senior executives worldwide. The center achieves its mission through three primary strategies: interdisciplinary research, executive education, and conferences with corporate partners. Our research focuses on how leading organizations transform themselves to be more customer-oriented and, with that orientation, drive innovation and growth. Much of this work has become the core of executive programs designed for senior executives responsible for creating a culture in which innovation and growth are central.

Over the next few years, the center plans to continue and expand research efforts on topics relevant to marketing leaders across industries and sectors, create engagement and high-level discussions between senior level practitioners and academics, and develop new programs. The Center sits in the Kellogg Markets and Customers Initiative.


The mission of the Center for Market Leadership is to advance our understanding of how organizations create and sustain leading market positions and how some organizations even define the markets in which they compete. Our belief is that the deeper understanding of market leadership can be achieved through interdisciplinary study of the intersection of customer behavior, organizational behavior and competition. Traditionally, these topics are explored separately using different paradigms, but we believe an integrated, interdisciplinary approach can yield important new insights into the nature of enduring competitive advantage. Through our efforts, we hope to identify a new understanding of the critical role of marketing in organizational effectiveness, growth, and sustained success.

We look forward to engaging with you on relevant topics, including the changing role of marketing within organizations, the company culture associated with a customer-focused organization, and the role of customers in creating competitive advantage.