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Top Technology Needs

1. Configure Your Computer
The steps necessary to configure your computer for access to email, printing, and other Kellogg and Northwestern resources.
2. Change Your Password
Change and update your NetID password on your computer or phone.
3. Printing with K-Print (Windows / Mac)
Connect your laptop to KPrint, the printing system deployed in the Jacobs, McManus and Wieboldt buildings.
4. Consult with a Technician 
Make an appointment with an IT consultant for in-depth support on a computer or phone problem or for assistance on a service KIS provides.
5. Protect Your Computer
Keep your computer protected against malware and virus threats. The most vulnerable applications are the operating system (Windows or Mac), web browsers, Java and Adobe reader.
6. Setting Up Mobile Devices
Configure your mobile devices for access to wireless, email, Northwestern mobile application and mobile printing.
7. Downloadable Software
Purchase Microsoft Office and other software for classes (think-cell, Stata, file backup software, DropBox, etc).
8. Loaner Laptops
The loaner service is available to Kellogg fulltime students to ensure they have a working computer during tests, simulations or when their personal laptop is undergoing a repair.
9. Running Windows on your Mac
Running Windows "virtually" on a Mac allows you to use software and connect to services that are only available or compatible with the Windows operating system..



Weiboldt Hall Support Hours  
Kellogg Information Systems (KIS) provides walk-in, phone, and email support. Support offered includes computer configuration, loaner equipment, hardware repairs, software troubleshooting, account and access assistance; as well as support for many other Kellogg resources and services.
Kellogg Information Systems (KIS) Website 
The KIS Website contains a wealth of information on connecting to and using technology at Kellogg. You can also find answers to many common questions and issues on the KIS website.
Report a Computing Facilities Problem 
Report problems with Kellogg public computing equipment.  Equipment issues may relate to computer, monitors, or other equipment in labs, hallways, group rooms, classrooms, etc.
Suggestions for KIS
Do you have a suggestion or idea for KIS? We welcome your thoughts.