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Promoting Your Event

The guidelines below are designed to enable a free flow of information between students, providing student leaders with effective tools to promote their events and result in successful turnouts.  At the same time, these guidelines maintain the professional image of the school by preventing random placement of print communication and by providing communication locations that are consistent and readily identifiable to the student body for the dissemination of information.

E-Mail Communication Guidelines:
The main way of communicating and marketing student events is via email.  NOTE: Events must be fully approved prior to promotion.  See options below.  
  • To your members via KelloggGroups as a standalone email or your weekly newsletter.  Please make sure you use the new Kellogg/NU logo templates which can be found here.
    • Events must be approved before they are allowed to be advertised to members via KelloggGroups
      •  Find the event request form here
    • While clubs are allowed to mention another club’s event in their weekly newsletter, clubs are not allowed to send out standalone emails on behalf of another club unless it is a co-hosted event.  This is to control email volume and prevent repeat emails.
  • eNews: Weekly newsletter that goes out to all Evening & Weekend students every Tuesday afternoon
    • Clubs are allowed to advertise their events one time in eNews.
    • Events must be approved before they are allowed to be advertised in eNews
    • Submissions must be received no later than 12PM on Tuesdays. Please submit to Kellogg E&W eNews.                  
  • News & Events site: All club events advertised in eNews will live on the News & Events site on the student intranet until the event is completed. 

Flyer Posting Guidelines:
Flyers are used to communicate information that pertains to Kellogg clubs, organizations, and events. Please follow the below guidelines for appropriate flyer postings:

  • All flyers must use the approved template.
  • The club or organization sponsoring the event must include its own logo on all flyers.
  • Flyers may only be hung within one week of your event date.
  • Flyers must be approved by The E&W Student Life Staff and submitted for approval one week in advance. 
  • Once approved, all flyers will need an approval stamp before you hang them.  Please bring your flyers to the front desk and someone from the Student Life team will stamp them.
  • Flyers will be limited to the bathroom walls (not entry doors) on floors 2, 2M, 3 and 4 as well as bulletin boards in the 1st floor mailroom, Kellogg Kafe, and 440. Posted promotional materials in any other areas of Wieboldt Hallwill be removed. Repeated violations may result in club sanctions.
  • Flyers must be taken down no later than 48 hours after your event date.
  • Flyers cannot be posted on cement, paint, glass, or wood.
  • Flyers should not contain images or language of questionable nature, and may be rejected on these grounds alone.

Digital Signage Content Guidelines:
The digital billboards throughout Wieboldt provides the unique opportunity to provide dynamic, targeted content to the Evening & Weekend student body.

  • Hours of Use
    The digital billboards throughout Wieboldt will display promotional slides on a loop Monday-Friday from 4PM-12AM and 24 hours on Saturdays
  • Required Template - only requests using the approved template will be posted
    Templates for slides to be displayed on the digital billboards have been designed by Marketing and Communications.  The design incorporates appropriate branding and are customized with the colors/formatting that translate best onto the larger screen format, so only slides submitted in this format will be displayed.  After creating a slide template in PowerPoint, Select “save as” from the File menu to create a .jpg file for submitting.  (Click Save As and select JPEG under “Save as type” drop-down.)  Only files submitted as JPEGs will be accepted. 
  • Requesting Dates for Display
    Each event will be allowed to submit one slide, which may be displayed for up to one week prior to the event.  Note that slides will run Monday-Friday from 4PM-12AM and 24 hours on Saturdays, and cannot be changed or removed once submitted.  The sponsoring club should submit their slide to The E&W Student Life Staff indicating the dates they would like it posted.   Slides should be submitted no later than one week in advance of when you would like the slide to be posted.  We regret that no last minute slide insertions can be accommodated.
  • Design Guidelines
    Since slides are displayed briefly in 10-15 second intervals, we recommend simplifying your message text and imagery as much as possible.  Follow the design guidelines below for the slide template.  These guidelines are enforced to ensure the integrity of the Kellogg brand and that your marketing message is legible and quickly digested.
    • Maximum images per slide: 2. Maximum words: 50
    • Font: Arial (PC) or Helvetica (Mac).  Headline font size: 50 to 70 points. Text size: 20 to 50 pt.
    • Text color: white text on purple or black text on white
    • Margins: Leave ample space around the perimeter of the slide. Club logos can be placed opposite Kellogg logo, but in this position they should be no larger than the Kellogg logo.
  • Appropriate Content
    All slide content will be reviewed for appropriateness for public display in Wieboldt Hall.  Recruiters, corporate sponsors, executives and other guests visit Wieboldt on a regular basis, so all images and text must reflect a professional appearance.  Slides that include or allude to unprofessional behavior, inappropriate language, sexual innuendos, and references to drinking or violence will not be approved. Groups must own or have permission to use any pictures displayed on the slide.