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Registration with other Northwestern Schools

Students in the Evening and Weekend MBA program may enroll in up to one credit per quarter up to a maximum of (two for AO three for Traditional) of non-Kellogg Northwestern classes, no sooner than the second quarter of academic study at Kellogg. These classes are not available through the Kellogg bidding and registration system, so to register for them you will need to:

  1. Investigate course availability through the school offering the class. (View other Northwestern Schools)
  2. Contact the department offering the class, and request a permission number. *(For Medill classes, you must obtain permission from the department)
  3. Bring or email the permission number/email approval to the Kellogg Registrar to process the enrollment.

Please note that you must adhere to the add/drop dates listed in the University Registrar's Academic Calendar.

GPA, Term Limits, and Degree Hours

Students in the Evening and Weekend program will be charged tuition at the current Kellogg tuition rate per credit of Non-Kellogg Northwestern classes and the grades received will count in your GPA and your 4-credit per-term limit. These non-Kellogg courses will not automatically count towards your degree requirements; to count a non-Kellogg course towards your MBA degree, you must receive approval from Kellogg EWMBA Academic Advising. Please note that student may not use online courses to count toward their Kellogg degree. The minimum requirements for a course to be considered include the following:

  • graduate-level
  • relevant to your MBA career or academic goals
  • no overlap of content available through any Kellogg course

Students may petition to have a non-Kellogg class count towards their degree by emailing the following information to the Evening and Weekend Academic Advisor.

  • Brief explanation of how the course is relevant to your career goals
  • Course syllabus